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If I were to use iWork '08 instead of Appleworks, would Numbers (or any part of iWork) be able to create a sheet of address labels like I am now able to do with my database in Appleworks? Thanks.

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    I don't think there is an auto label maker in Numbers. You would want to post in the Pages forum to ask about it, but I don't think so.

    You could create a sheet that has individual tables that point to data in an original data table. These tables could be placed apropriately on the page to match the labels. then you could just fill out the first table and it would show up on the "label sheet".

    I don't have any labels and am not able to spend the money any any just to play with. (baby food comes first). So it would be hard for me to create a real example for you.

    Hope this helps, Here is the link to the pages Forum...

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    Hello jason

    On the backside of administrative papers related to the baby you may test labels formatting without true labels sheets.

    I never tested a label template on true labels sheets.

    When I put hands on Pages 1, I wrote an Applescript which was able to print mailings in Pages from an AppleWorks database.

    I didn't edited it when Pages 2 appeared which was breaking the pieces of GUI scripting code.

    Maybe I will have a look at it some day but I'm not sure that someone is really interested by such an exercise.

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE vendredi 5 octobre 2007 21:03:32)
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    You may be able to do this by creating a single table with appropriately sized cells, one cell per label. The cells could be typed into directly or, alternately, formulas in the cells could generate multi-line text values formatted as a standard address. The column and row sizes of the table can be set precisely (more or less) in the inspector to match the label to label spacing of the label stock. Perhaps even "Spacing" and "Margin Inset" controls in the "Text" panel of the "Text Inspector" can be used in the cells to avoid long text from extending off the labels.
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    From your reply and checking the Pages forum it looks like neither Numbers or Pages can do address labels automatically like in the Appleworks database program.

    Thanks for your help.
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    From your reply and checking the Pages forum it looks like neither Numbers or Pages can do address labels automatically like in the Appleworks database program.

    There is no database functionality at all in iWork other than mail merge from Address Book to Pages. At a minimum, there needs to be the ability to use Numbers as a primitive database for merging into Pages. It's something I've left feedback about to both the Pages & Numbers teams. Better yet, would be a nice, simple, flat-file database as in AppleWorks (all the way back to classic AppleWorks on my Apple IIgs!).

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    Thank you, Peggy, for confirming what Jason said earlier. I guess I will try to keep Appleworks as long as possible!
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    Just read this thread after buying iWork and transferring my spreadsheet with a name and address list for labels.

    Unfortunately had I known and not listened to the apple store CS rep I might not have gotten the iWorks.

    labels are a huge part of the home business and marketing world.

    What are they thinking ????

    Maybe they should work on Appleworks 7 ??

    Disappointed Greg
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    Don't dream, in 2005, Steve Jobs explicitely said that iWork IS THE successor of AppleWorks.
    There will not be an AppleWorks 7 !

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE vendredi 2 novembre 2007 20:54:18)
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    Word has excellent mail merge features.