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A friend cannot find the Knology server settings for outgoing mail...Knology company was no help.

Does anyone know the proper settings?


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    I was able to find this site in their support pages:

    If the suggested setting from there smtp.knology.net, does not work, they may require different settings for when you aren't connected directly to them. For example when using EDGE or a WiFi Hotspot.

    I have found that asking email provider's tech support for what mail server settings to use while you are travelling and using a laptop will often get the correct settings to use for the iPhone. However, if they say they only offer webmail for when you are travelling, you will not be able to use their outgoing server on EDGE or at WiFi Hotspots, because they have chosen to block outgoing access when you are not on their network.

    While connected to EDGE, you can use cwmx.com to send email out. It only works while on EDGE, and does not require a username or password, since it goes off of the authentication for using EDGE with AT&T.

    AT&T's knowledge base article about cwmx.com is here:

    You will have to turn off WiFi when you want to send email though.

    This article discusses the issues in more depth:

    Hope this helps,

    Nathan C.
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    Hi Nathan.

    Thank you very much.