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I have purchased and downloaded onto my iPhone one album from the iTunes WiFi Store. Since then, I have been unable to connect to the iTunes WiFi store again. When I click on the "iTunes" icon on my phone, all I get is "Loading..." with the never-ending circle of death. But it never loads. Anybody else have this problem? Anybody know why I cannot connect?

Rick A.

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    You might double check that your connected to WiFi (launch Safari and make sure E for "Edge" does not appear).

    Also, you could log into the Apple Music store on your Mac and check for unfinished downloads. (I know this works for Mac music store purchases but I don't know if WiFi music store purchases will show up here.)
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    You must be logged onto the iTunes store on your computer. Then, synch your iPhone
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    I'm assuming you are using a WiFi connection. That being the case, there are iPhone users that are having problems with WiFi connections. Many are resolved by "forgetting" the WiFi connection you are using and re-establishing it. Also, I personally have noticed some spotty response times from the iTunes store over the past few days. This is on both my iPhone and my Mac. Especially on Wednesday night (10/3, U.S. CDT).
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    I agree. This is probably a general wi-fi problem, that are dozens of issues with the iPhone's wifi and 1.1.1. I hope this gets fixed soon. Also, does anyone know when wi-fi will magically work inside Starbucks on t-mobile.

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    My Touch works with T-Mobile in Starbucks. No magic required.
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    I'm definitely using wifi. And I have tried on 3 different wifi networks, including at home. I know the wifi is working because Safari is working at broadband speeds.
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    This is not true. I was able to load itunes on my iphone immediately after downloading 1.1.1, and I was traveling on business in Mexico -- nowhere near my PC and itunes store connection. I was not, however, able to download anything. Itunes kept telling me it couldn't find any account info. That situation was resolved by signing into the store on my PC and syncing -- which I did as soon as I got home.
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    This is NOT a general wifi problem. My wifi works fine when I am retrieving or sending email, or when I use Safari. It is only the itunes store that is giving me a problem. I have been trying for the last 5 minutes -- once again -- to sign in and check out some songs. But all I get is "Loading..."

    And it never loads.
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    Hello: My wife and I just acquired our iphones and are unable to get into itunes. Someone mentioned looking for the "E" if it is on. How do you turn it off. We're using a 2wire connection at home and when we click on the Itunes button we receive a message telling us were not making a connection to the store. Any thoughts?
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    I just had an interesting experience. I kept trying to buy a song from the David Crowder Band called Everything Glorious. The purchase would go though and it would tell me that it was going to be an iTunes Plus (or something like that) song (Higher Quality) I assume. It would begin to download and then stop.

    After about 20 tried of different songs on that album I just tried another song by another artist. Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer and it worked fine as well as "Jesus take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood. I went back and tried Everything Glorious by David Crowder band and it still didn't work.

    I wonder if the problem is with downloading iTunes Plug songs?