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I have a .m4v video file in my computer and would like to watch it on iTunes (I'm thinking of getting a touch soon). I drag the file to the library on the source list, to the movies playlist, to the television playlist, it refuses to appear in any situation. I've change the file types to .mp4 and .mov and it still produces the same results. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

IBM ThinkPad T Series, Windows XP Pro, iTunes
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    It used to be a .avi if that's the problem
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    Did you ever figure out what the problem was getting the .mp4 files into iTunes? I'm having the same problem and cannot find any resolution. Any information you have would be appreciated.
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    You actually have to get a converter for your .avi files if you want them to work.
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    Well, first of all, for some odd reason, you CAN'T drag converted files onto your ipod movie section, but try putting it in the iTunes library, then dragging it there. Also, if it shows up black on your ipod you need to use iTunes converter by right clicking the file
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    I am also having this same problem. I have a few .avi video files that I converted to .mp4 and no matter how I try to add the files to my iTunes library it won't show up. I've tried going through the File->Add File To Library->... and I've also tried adding the file by dragging the file from the folder and pasting it into iTunes itself. Should I try converting the file to a different format or is there something else I'm doing wrong?