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Earlier today my iPhone kept vibrating every now and then. When I unlock it I don't have any notifications (calendar, sms, email, nothing). Now in the past hour I have it sitting here with me at the computer. Every now and then I can hear my speakers go crazy on my computer (like it does when you are about to get a call) then the iPhone beeps. Still no notifications! Is there some other reason for this? I have tried restarting it and it is still doing it.
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    The noise you're hearing on your computer speakers is just normal GSM radio interference. As for why your phone is beeping and vibrating with alerts calls etc, I haven't the foggiest idea. Try a reset, and if needed a restore.
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    Grrr it keeps beeping. Is a reset different than just turning it off and on?
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    I had something like this happen...

    mine was continuously disconnecting from iTunes, then reconnecting and syncing. The iPhone vibrates when you plug the iPhone into the dock and it connects to iTunes.

    I think I finally solved this by plugging the iPhone directly into the computer instead of the USB hub it was plugged into.

    As for the GSM noise... I had the same problem in my car with the cassette adapter.

    I got an adapter for my stereo from Crutchfield that has 2 rca ports and plugged a mini to RCA port cable to connect my iphone.

    All this to say, the problem is probably a shielding issue with your computer speaker cables.

    If you use a different cable, look for one that is shielded to the max!

    Monster makes a good shielded cable that I use in my car.

    Something like this...
    It's not what I got, but you get the picture.
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    It's not the GMS noise that is bugging me, that just happens with phones. Its the random beeping for no reason like it is trying to notify me of something. Thanks for the suggestions, though. Will try...
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    Mine is doing this too but it does it randomly plugged in or not. It will be on my desk at work, home, or in my pocket and out of nowhere... vibrate...

    No emails, sms, voicemail, calls, calendar events, etc. So far, nothing has fixed it. Reset or restore...
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    Me too. This happens every once in a while. The phone will beep and vibrate as if it received an email or SMS and there is nothing. What can we do about this?
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    Mine does the same thing. I thought maybe it was a calendar alert, but 39 minutes before? Doesn't make sense. It's happening roughly on the schedule I had for checking my gmail account, before I deleted the account (due to the massive headache that is - separate issue though) - could that have something to do with it?
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    Mine made the same beeping sound a few days ago. I have heard that there are 4 system sounds that we are not supposed to know about and the beeping is one of them. I had to do a hard shutdown to get it to stop.

    No other issues, however...

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    Yes a reset IS different than turning it off then on.

    Press and hold the home key.
    While holding the home key, press and hold the lock button.
    Keep holding (even when it comes up saying slide to turn off), just keep holding.
    Eventually the screen will *sort of* turn off (will go black but you will sort of see lines still).
    Keep holding the buttons.
    When you finally see the Apple logo come on, then you can let go.

    This may take up to 30 secs when you do it, other times, 10, just depends.

    This is like doing a real reboot on a PC.
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    Are any of your email accounts IMAP accounts?

    If so you may be receiving emails that have been sorted to folders on the server.

    For example if you can see your Junk or Bulk Mail folder on the IMAP account, it could be spam messages filtered to that folder.

    Hope this helps,

    Nathan C.
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    Same thing here...I get random beeps and vibrates for absolutely no reason...1.1.1 didn't stop it, so I guess we have to wait until Apple officially acknowledges the problem and puts out a fix for it...
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    None of my accounts are IMAP. I have (3) POP accounts...
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    Note that this is a known problem (AND it is not yet acknowledged by Apple - so it will be one of those phantom bug fixes in the next firmware update), but it is consistently reported across all phone forums at this point.

    Don't worry about it - there isn't anything wrong with your phone that a firmware update won't fix.

    And I expect a firmware update within days of Ambrosia restoring iToner functionality, and they seem very close at this point.