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I have two questions
1. does anyone know what the longest suported wifi password on the iphone is?
2. where did you find the information... trial and error or is it documented?

pc, Windows XP Pro
  • gdgmacguy Level 7 (20,500 points)
    did you look at the Users Guide?
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    Since you did not give the answer I assume that you do not know either and you're not just giving me the satisfaction of finding the answer for myself. I think it is a fine idea however but the answer was not there. You did give me another thought and that was to look in the AirPort documentation I'm still learning the Apple jargon. It would appear that 26 characters is the maximum for 128-bit encrypted wireless WPA. I haven't tried this yet because I don't want to use a simpler password than the 63 character one that I presently am using. Perhaps it would be of some assistance for non Apple centric users to have a jargon translation site to help in the transition I think this would make the ease of use claim more believable. Even better at such a high price perhaps full discloser instruction manuals specifically for the iPhone would be a nice touch much like other high end phone manufactures do. I shouldn’t have to search this hard for connection information on a basic function. Thank you, your help was much appreciated.
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    Thank you don't mind if i do.
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    I'm using a 64 key hex password (WPA2) on mine, no problem. I've typed it in manually for a friend and it worked, but if you have an Aiport Express, there's a place in the DHCP tab to copy/paste the key in, so that it can auto-configure the DHCP client. Other Airport base stations may include this option, I'm not sure.

    Hope this helps.
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    I’m using a WiFi system from using PSK2 protocol with AES encryption. My password is 63 characters long. I have to enter the password by hand into my iPhone this of course is a possible source of error but after untold times and pains taking effort. I don’t believe that the problem is here. If I use a shorter password say 9 in length it does work but at the cost of decreased security. I’m glad to know that your iPhone works at 64 characters this may mean that the problem may be an incompatibility in the implementation of the protocol, thanks. If this is the case it may be corrected if a future update if others are having the same or similar problems.
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    Nope it doesn't work actually with >63 characters. My WPA2/AES key is 64 chars long. When I manualy add a network, as soon as I tap in the 64th char the Join button is disabled..