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I just went through my iTunes library and deleted duplicate MP3 files that have accumulated over the years. I used an external MP3 Duplicate File Finder program to delete the files. Itunes still keeps the library as it was and does not automatically update the library. I cannot find an easy way to do this and did come across a program called ITunes Library Updater. The program did work as far as I can determine, but is there a way in iTunes to do the same procedure or has Apple not bothered with this maintenance procedure at this time?
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    iTunes has no folder-watching feature, so using strictly iTunes, if you manually change the contents of any folder (adding or removing any tracks), iTunes will not automatically reflect that change. There is, however, a possible third-party process that might work. Look atthis web page. I don't know if it will detect removals as well as additions, but it's worth a look.

    Thanks to Hudgie for the tip.