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At the present time I'm using a Macmini in my taxi cab to play converted Karaoke CD+G files for my customers who like to participate in Cabaraoke. I also want to use it to record the performances. I'm currently using a Sony laptop with a web camera, but I want to connect a Unibrain camera to the Macmini to improve recording quality. My problem is editing.

I edit and uplaod the videos, up to 40 a week, to YouTube for embedding on my web site at www.cabaraoke.com. I currently use Windows Movie Maker. Using the Macmini, I will need to start using iMove.

I'm partially handicap, so carrying taking the Macmini to and from the taxi can be problematic each day. Currently I cannot afford to buy a second Mac for doing the editing. I checked the online Apple Store and there does not appear to be an iMovie program for PCs. Are there any PC compatiable iMovie programs?

Macmini, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    .. wow, that is hillarious funny!! Cabaraoke

    .. back to business:
    no, iM is exclusively for MacOs only ..

    but.. in theory, the video files iM generates should be readable by PC apps..

    do a short test:
    Export with Quicktime .. a few secs short project (on a usb stick?) ... one as 'dv', another with 'h264' as export settings..
    both files will be a .mov (give different names..) so, you have to install Quicktime for Windows on the PC .. dv should be no problem, h264 could be a problem for a PC.. test it.

    h264 would be smart, because it is very efficient.. a 2GB usb-stick (=small) could fit a lot of video.. esp. when you size on export to your final resolution..

    actual size, 4GB, 50€

    another option would be an iPodNano as data-storage device.. (=using as HDD) ... the iPod does mount on both systems as harddrive.. a lil' bigger, but still within your parameters, I guess..

    actually, iM08 doesn't support 3rd party codecs as divx or wmv/flip4mac.. so, this is no option..
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    My problem is not moving, but editing it on my PC. What programs will allow me to edit the video file, add subtitles, and a still, for uploading to YouTube?
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    Windows XP and Vista both come bundled with Windows Movie Maker, which should be able to handle most of your tasks.

    You won't get much useful advice from this forum... people that hang around here use Macs for video editing!
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    I imported video from a wedding into imovie, have edited it and now want to burn a dvd. Is there a way to do that?
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    +Export with Quicktime .. one as 'dv', ... dv should be no problem,+

    Actually, Windows applications in general work with DV-AVI files (.avi extension), and cannot read .dv files at all. Neither Windows Movie Maker nor Adobe Premiere Elements for example can read .dv files. So to get a DV movie from a Mac to Windows, export it on your Mac as "Movie to AVI", then select the DV compression type (like DV/DVPRO - NTSC) under Options.