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So I finally got around to installing 1.1.1 last night, thinking, 'Well, it's been long enough that the issues with bricking iPhones should have been resolved.'

It went through the process. Got to the end. Told me it couldn't finish. I restarted my computer, tried again. And then again. Always the same problem. I tried installing the 1.0.2 update, and that wouldn't even begin.

I then restarted once more, uninstalled iTunes, put in an old version (7.3) and tried. No go. Updated iTunes. Updated 1.1.1 in iTunes. Restarted. Tried again. Success!

Wait...no...what's this?

"The iPhone "iPhone" cannot be used with iTunes because the SIM card is not installed. You must insert your SIM card into your iPhone in order to activate it."

? My SIM card IS in my phone. Take it out. Try again. Same message. Restart. Put it back in. Same message. Delete the pList file for locked phones. Same problem Go to my home PC with Vista. Same message. Come up to work on my XP machine, same message. Try again on OSX. Same message.

My iPhone's never been unlocked. I switched to AT&T from T-Mobile and bought my iPhone AT the AT&T store. I've had it 9 days now.

Anyone have any ideas? Obviously, I can take it to the Genius Bar but that's a hassle I don't want to deal with if I can avoid it.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.10), I am the sad :(
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    i also had problems with 1.1.1 although different ones than yours. i went to apple with the problems and they gave me a new iphone with the prior firmware installed. first visit to genius bar.long wait but worth it .its a hassel but better than carry a iphone that has problems.needless to say i will not update.
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    I just got off the phone with apple. They said just to take it by and tell them phone support said to swap it out for a new phone. I've had it for 9 days, so they said just exchanging shouldn't be an issue.

    The tech guy sounded rather dumbfounded about my problem. That doesn't surprise me as I've been unable to find similar issues posted anywhere on the web.

    I was waiting to install the update too. I did, thinking that Apple may have worked the bugs out. Mainly, what drove me to update was the speaker volume increase - my iPhone is just way too quiet when I'm trying to have a conversation, and I can rarely hear anyone. Maybe my new phone won't have that issue out of the box, and I can forego the need to update
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    It is confusing. As you mentioned, the problem you described is exactly what was happening with unlocked iPhones, so I can only assume that you got a bad phone. Hopefully, the replacement will be perfect.
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    Just got back from the Apple store. They were all set to replace it, even without an appointment (which makes sense, cause I don't need to talk to anyone). Then I said, 'Well, I need to get my SIM card out of the phone. Or are my contacts all stored on my MacBook Pro?'

    The girl went into the back. For a long time. Then came back and told me they wouldn't exchange it, I have to come back and talk to the Mac Genius who will be able to fix it, he's sure. Or give me a new one, if he can't.

    Obviously, my phone wasn't unlocked if I want my SIM card out of it.

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    Okay. Just got back from the Apple store. The guy there, Chris, was very nice. He seemed pretty green around the ears, and honestly, it was the third time in the store today that I heard an employee seem not-so-knowing. The best was when a customer asked what the next iteration of OSX was called, and the guy couldn't remember. I informed him it was Leopard. He also didn't have a clue when it was expected, and told the customer it'd be months. I let him know it would be the end of this month.

    Anyway, Chris checked out my iPhone and it did exactly what it did to me - just kept saying to put in the SIM card. He tried to connect it about 5 times, each time the same result. He informed me he'd seen this once before, and that he knew it wasn't an issue with unlocking - "that", he said, "looks very, very different."

    So he went in the back, grabbed a replacement iPhone (which came in an ugly, simple white box {not sure why I was told to bring all my paraphernalia up to the store}) and put my old SIM in. Worked like a charm.

    Now, with a brand new iPhone - before I do anything with it - I am updating the FIRMWARE. Hopefully, it won't brick this time, but ****, who knows. If so, I'll head right back to Apple. They better not make me wait for an appointment again