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I've just had an incident: my iPhone just _dialed by itself_.

I just hung up with Apple support over the phone and the recommendation was to reset the phone.

The iPhone dialed my wife's cell phone. My wife's cell phone started ringing at 3:34 pm. I passed her the phone and it turns out my iPhone's the caller. I'm 10 feet away from my iPhone, pick it up and effectively, it's making a call to my wife's cell phone. Incidentally, it is the last phone number I dialed today before this call.

I have the 1.1.1 upgrade. Here at home I have a Linksys WRT54G with NAT, WPA2 and a strong password. I only accept Ethernet addresses that I know. (at work I only use EDGE to synchronize since we do not use wireless access for security reasons). I have Bluetooth enabled on the phone, paired with a Motorola HS820 but the HS820 is off.

I have my phone check up every hour for my email from GMail.

I love the phone, but I think that this is a very serious problem simply because I do not consider it to be a glitch. In case you wonder, I have not 'hacked' my phone--I'm pretty happy with what I have and I don't need to be tinkering with it.

I work as a telephony software architect for the 9-1-1 public safety market, and frankly, these are my concerns:

- Could there be a security issue?
- Could there be an OS bug?

I questioned the Apple rep to see if there was some kind of diagnostics that could be gathered from the phone, and his answer was that there weren't--at least not that he knew.

I would like to know from Apple if there's any similar postings--could not find any--or an idea as to what may have happened.


Windows XP Pro, iPhone 8GB with Upgrade 1.1.1
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    Technically my posting is correct...However, I'm carrying the Motorola HS820 in my pocket, with my car keys. Apparently it was turned on--tight pants, I guess . The HS820 can dial the last dialed number by pressing the multi-function button (the big button) for about two seconds. If it was able to be turned turn on--it takes about 5 seconds of pressing the multi-function button--it's expected that the redial could occur.

    I found out because I'm getting ready to take my daughter for an ice cream...when I got the car keys and the HS820 out of my pocket, the HS820 was on.

    My apologies.
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    Actually - I'm glad you posted this and I'm glad I didn't disregard it - I just experience the exact same scenario with my iPhone, except I have it paired with the Motorola HS850 - which has the same feature - I read this post and it was very helpful - my wifes phone kept ringing and ringing and it was from my phone and we couldn't figure out why - apparently, between the holder for my bluetooth being tight, and leaning or brushing up against a wall caused my issue as well. Thanks !
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    I have had the same issue. No bluetooth, 1.1.1 (happened before), someone from my favs gets a call, phone is locked, last screen was "Home" screen, screen protector, pocket style holster. Even had someone call the home phone with the other(phantom)call on the other line. Had to go to the other room to get the iPhone off the desk picked it up, unlocked it and nothing. Not even a recent call to the other person. Other person had the line on their end. Could hear all the background noises.