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I have an 80 GB iPod video that I received as a gift this past Christmas. Since then, I've purchased 8 GB of music and 39 GB of videos (TV shows) from iTunes. Two weeks ago, my logic board went out and I had to ship my laptop off for repair. I did not have time to finish backing up my media files (the battery was on its last legs), but I thought since everything was saved on my iPod, it was okay.

For some reason, my hard drive was replaced as well as the logic board (I still don't know why). I plugged in my iPod and it asked me if I wanted to transfer purchases or another option that would wipe everything off my iPod. I chose "cancel." iTunes then crashed. I disconnected my iPod and looked to make sure my files are there.

All my music and videos are gone from my iPod. My address book, photos, and the few games I had are still there, but the 47 GB of media is completely gone. I had entire seasons of shows I hadn't watched yet. And all of it was purchased from iTunes.

What in the world is wrong with this? Are my media files just gone forever, or is there some recovery I can do? How can everything just disappear? iTunes won't even recognize my iPod anymore. It wants me to restore, but if I restore, then everything will be wiped out. I don't know what to do, and after everything else (out-of-warranty repair on a laptop, yay) I don't think I can take this. I would have been happy never having my iPod files on my computer again as long as they were still on my iPod.

So how screwed am I? I was able to back up a few music files before my computer battery died and it went off to repair, but I have absolutely no video files saved.

Powerbook G4 15 inch, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
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    I just tried a data recovery program called PodSalvage. It told me there were absolutely no files at all on my iPod, but there are game and photo files there, as well as my contacts. I already tried a reset and the iPod starts up fine. It never sync'd with iTunes as far as I know (unless it did that without asking me). It's almost like it targeted the music and video files specifically. Again, I wouldn't be so upset, but I put hundreds of dollars into my library, most of it I haven't had a chance to watch yet (or in the case of audiobooks, listen to).

    Yes, I know I'm supposed to back it up. I was in the midst of that when the logic board crapped out for the third time in a year and a half and had to be sent off for repair. I still don't know why the hard drive was replaced this time and not the other two times.

    So, again, am I out of luck here? I know there's no re-downloading of purchases.

    And is there any reason why I wasn't able to restore my media files from the iPod to iTunes? All the help files are from transferring from iTunes to iPod, not the other way around.
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    Okay, now I'm just trying to get my iPod working again. iTunes won't recognize it and asked me to do a restore. I tried to do it and was told it couldn't make a connection to the update server. So I tried that iPod Updater software, only it told me that it wasn't able to update my iPod. However, it did say that I had 47.3 GB of used space on my iPod, so I'm thinking maybe the allocation tables got screwed up?

    I tried PodSalvage earlier and it claimed there were no files. However, it turns out that it was doing a scan of the free space only (why is that a default setting) so I'm currently doing a full scan. So far it's found 74 files (this is going to take all night) but the "in progress" window is blocking what they are.

    Anyway, it's obvious that there's still stuff there, but at this point I'm more interested in getting my iPod working. Any advice?
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    Just a hiccup in a long line of hiccups with this computer and software. Apple eventually allowed me to re-download everything, though even if I had been physically able to back the files up to begin with (faulty motherboard), there's still no explanation why it happened or if it will happen again.