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Could someone help me figure out the best way to combine two iMovie (HD 5) projects into one iDVD project? I currently have a documentary with one iMovie project at 1 hour exactly. I am starting a second one and would like all this to go on one DVD eventually. I am especially concerned about what happens with the chapter markers already created in each iMovie project - how is that combined when the two are put together? If there is a link for this info, I'd be happy to read instead of bothering too much with the little questions.
Thank you!

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    It is no bother whatsoever. Ask all the little questions you wish and someone on this forum will likely reply. But here's the thing ... you really should post this question to the iMovie forum also (or in place of) since that essentially is where the question is directed as opposed to iDvd5.

    Btw .... you can combine 2 or more iMovies using QT Pro => iDVD (but I won't guarantee your chapter markers will carry over).

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    Thank you. I have re-posted this question in the iMovie forum.