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Hi everyone,

I have a Fifth Generation Ipod Video 30 Gig that I purchased from an Apple store sometime in july and it has given me nothing but problems. 3 weeks into using it, the ipod tells me that it is in recovery mode and must be restored. I restore it and it continues to give the same message until I finally disconnect it and wait a good 20 minutes before it finally allows me to activate it. A week later, the Ipod needs to be restored again and the same incident occurs. I have changed the drive letter 13 times (currently on letter Z), used every version of itunes (old and new), changed the type of files I upload, etc. but nothing works. The worst part is that after restoring it, the Ipod works for a few days before it relapses again. Worst of all, I use it for less than an hour a day.

I even went to the Apple store after i restored it and the "genius technician" synced my ipod and said there was nothing wrong with the Ipod. I have seen many people in the forums cite hard drive failure as the cause of this problem but I cannot convince the "genius technicians" at the Apple store that this is the problem.

Please help me resolve this frustrated, unwarranted, and expensive problem!!! Your help is most appreciated.

Thank you,

Fifth Generation Ipod Video 30 Gig, Windows XP Pro, 4 months old
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    Which USB port are you connecting to?
    What other USB devices are connected to this computer?
    Where did your music come from?
    Are you on a network?
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    I also have the same issue only a little different. Ever since I downloaded the new version of iTunes 7.4 my 5th generation iPod 30gb will not recognize. When I connect my iPod the computer tells me its in recovery mode and needs to be restored. I can restore it to factory but as soon as the iPod boots back up the computer tells me the iPod is in recovery mode and needs to be restored. It goes into a restore loop. iTunes will not allow me to update the software on the iPod either. My iPhone 4gb is recognized and syncs fine. I've tried everything from reinstalling 7.4, installing older versions of iTunes, changing cables, changing USB ports, restoring iPod on another computer, etc...
    Now, when I plug into my girlfriends iTunes 7.3, on a different computer, it syncs fine. Is there a specific bug in the new 7.4 version? I'm going to try and locate a restore point when iTunes worked fine.

    Any ideas?

    This seems to be a very common problem that has not been solved yet.
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    This link directs me to the iTunes store support. The program itself is the issue.
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    I have tried connecting the ipod via the front and back USb 2.0 jacks on my desktop. I have only one external drive connected to the computer. Doesn't matter whether I remove it or not, the same problem occurs. I do not have a network. My drive letter for the ipod is letter z so it is not disk recognition which is a problem. 1/3 of my music comes from I-tunes, the rest I rip from my Cd's (like Linkin Park, Slipknot, Dir en grey). I only used about 650 MB worth of the ipods 30 gig drive capacity. Doesn't matter which version of the itunes software I use, it gives me the same problem. The recovery loop occured after just after 2 weeks of purchasing it from the apple storeand I took it back with only 12 songs in it. The restored it and 10 days later, the same problem occured. Recently, the ipod has been entering the recovery mode much more frequently prompting me to believe the hard drive is malfunctioning.

    I have scanned my computer and the Ipod with everything from Norton, AVG, McCafee, and trendmicro and found no viruses, bugs, worms, etc.

    Any suggestions to help me resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm having similar problems, only mine has been going on for over a year now, and now it won't even let me do anything with my ipod, and my itunes freezes as soon as i plug my ipod into my computer... please help
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    I fixed it by restoring to an early restore point.
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    You are absolutely correct! They have a problem with the firmware. Mine is a continuous restore loop. A friend of mine has a cd of the older software and I am going to install it and try it today. Apple has not responded to any of these issues on this forum and should be ashamed! Makes me kinda wonder why I was going to buy an iPhone...not!
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    Well, now that I've restored to a previous restore point, iTunes has decided to freeze up! What is going on with iTunes because my iPod is fine?
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    Restoring to an earlier restore point made zero difference. I still think it's the hard drive but how do I convince the Apple Store to send it in for a hardware diagnostic when the Ipod works momentarily after several restorations. I mean, it goes through the continuous recovery loop, I disconnect and wait 15-20 minutes and then reset the ipod, the apple logo appears and a white loading bar slowly appears along the bottom of the screen, then the ipod works fine for a couple of days, then it suddenly goes into recovery mode again and the process starts all over again...

    What do I do with this piece of crap??? Any ideas on how to convince the Apple Store "so-called geniuses" that the problem does not stem from software issues or viruses and that the core problem comes from the hardware due to Apple's lack of quality control management???
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    I have the exact same problem on a very expensive 160 gb ipod. I am leaving on a 12 hour drive for Thanksgiving and I need my tunes. Somebody from Apple needs to contact me TODAY and fix this.
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    Having the same issue, however, only with one computer. My work computer, Win XP running iTunes 7.5, states my iPod is in recovery mode, and prompts me to restore it. I restore it and the same dialog box pops up over and over. But at home, Win XP running iTunes 7.5, my computer syncs up with the iPod just fine. I even hooked it up with a co-workers computer, Win2K running iTunes 7.3, and it syncs just fine. I have hooked my iPod at work for months, and this issue just recently came up. I did notice that at one point the iPod was running 1.2.2, and now it's back to 1.2.1.

    I want to believe the problem lies with this one computer, but my iPod's 1-year warranty is due to expire next month and I want to confirm that it's not the iPod hard drive about to fail.
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    I just had this same problem and was able to fix it. When I plug in my ipod to my windows XP PC, XP recognizes the ipod and gives it a drive letter. Mine was G:.

    I plugged in a flash drive and apparently windows gave this flash drive the letter G as well so when I had them both plugged in at the same time, Itunes became confused. To fix this issue do the following:

    1. plug in your Ipod
    2. Right click My Computer and select Manage.
    3. Click Disk Management
    4. On the bottom right of this window, scroll down until you see the ipod listed.
    5. Right click the ipod drive then choose Change Drive Letter and Paths
    6. Give it an unused Drive Letter and hit OK.
    7. Close out of this window and restart Itunes.

    This worked for me but your mileage may vary. I also immediately unplugged the ipod, then attached the flash drive. I went and changed that to a different Drive letter as well to prevent this from happening again.

    This should fix your problem but I make no guarantees.
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    I have had this problem with my iPod always telling me that it was in recovery mode. I checked and it the drive path did have to be changed. Everything is working much better now. The system was just getting confused due to the multiple things under the same pathway. Thanks for your help.