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I'm trying to find how to add a particular sticky note to my dashboard, but don't remember how. I'm having no luck so far locating the procedure, if anyone could provide me their assistance on this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Macbook Pro 2.33GHz 3GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.4.10), LogicStudio/Traktor3DJStudio/NIAudio8DJ/VestaxVCI-100/M-Audio Axiom 25
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    Hi jonnie, on mine it's "F12" to open Dashboard, then click once on the plus symbol (bottom left) and in the menu box that opens, scroll down to "stickies" and click to enable. You can then copy and paste your original sticky to the dashboard one.

    Best wishes,
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    Thanks, Uncle Bob... ?!?!?!


    Love the name, and I appreciate the help, one more question for now if you wouldn't mind:

    What if I want to open a whole new sticky in the dashboard, once stickies is part of my dashboard?

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    Hi jonnie, to get more than one sticky, just repeat the process.
    In my case I have three different time zone clocks! My family being at one point in Barcelona, Spain one of each in Perth - Oz and Cairns also Oz - I was, even then, never really sure of the time!

    Regards from Scotland - it's a wee bit dreich at the moment, (that translates as dull and wet!), but the colours are just grand.
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    Sorry I should have said - press "F12" then click the plus symbol and now along the bottom you will have a list of your open widgets, so just click on the sticky one and with every click you will get another sticky.

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    Thank you kind sir, your help is much appreciated.

    Stay dry and come check out Miami, Florida, USA one day...

    It's like paradise, only full of idiots too...

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    Hi jonnie, many thanks for your kind words - and invite!
    I'm sure that Miami would not wish for one more though!
    Glad to help, and thank you for the stars too - those two are as many I've seen this week! That's the "Land o' Burns" being gey dreich for you! (This one means "very dull and damp"!)
    If you come here, you'll know immediately your not in Florida! - And it's never too full for one more here!