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Very strange thing. Ever since the the 1.02 update I have problems syncing my ipod classic 160 gig. Sometimes it works. However about half the time I plug the ipod in and it connects then immediately ejects before it's even found by the ipod. I've got it to work once by switching to a different usb port on my computer. However that doesn't work all the time. Sometimes rebooting the PC helps and sometimes I have to do a hard reset on the ipod. Eventually I can get it to sync. When it doesn't sync it won't even go into the charging mode. The charging icon just turns normal and won't show a lightning bold or a full battery icon. It just shows the current charge of the battery.

I didn't have any problems until the 1.02 update. Eventually I do get it to connect and charge. But it's annoying to have to go through all the hoops to get it to connect and charge. When it has this problem even diskmode won't connect.

It's about a 50 percent chance of it connecting and syncing/charging.


pc and hackintosh, Windows XP, Ipod Classic 160 gig