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Very strange thing. Ever since the the 1.02 update I have problems syncing my ipod classic 160 gig. Sometimes it works. However about half the time I plug the ipod in and it connects then immediately ejects before it's even found by the ipod. I've got it to work once by switching to a different usb port on my computer. However that doesn't work all the time. Sometimes rebooting the PC helps and sometimes I have to do a hard reset on the ipod. Eventually I can get it to sync. When it doesn't sync it won't even go into the charging mode. The charging icon just turns normal and won't show a lightning bold or a full battery icon. It just shows the current charge of the battery.

I didn't have any problems until the 1.02 update. Eventually I do get it to connect and charge. But it's annoying to have to go through all the hoops to get it to connect and charge. When it has this problem even diskmode won't connect.

It's about a 50 percent chance of it connecting and syncing/charging.


pc and hackintosh, Windows XP, Ipod Classic 160 gig
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    Anyone else have this issue?
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    iTunes syncs and puts several gigs on the classic 160 then it eventually gets hung and i have to start all over. It's getting frustrating. I allowed it to upgrade the iPod to 1.02 but iTunes still says the iPod is 1.0 and the sync problems are real. I have about 60GB of stuff I am trying to lay down on it - first sync I got maybe 6 gigs on it and after a restart and all night it's up to about 15 and hung again. I hope they fix something b/c I am not used to apple products acting like this, even on a PC...

    iTunes on a PC and the iPod is a new 160GB classic model.
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    I finally got all 62 gigs into it. It took long enough. After many failed syncs all weekend one finally went beginning to end and completed. This should last me for some time but it would be nice for them to fix the bug, be they in the iTunes or on the device itself.
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    I've had a couple of successful sync's, but it takes about 20 or 30 tries with all sorts of crazy recommended "fixes". Most work once and then it fails the next time. I am really PO'd about this Apple!!!
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    I am kind of new to this whole thing. We are getting an error of "Attempting to copy to the disk "FRANKS IPOD" failed. The disk couldnt not be read from or written to." Is this the same thing? We finally got it to work about 3 days ago, and now again it will not sync all of our downloaded purchases. We just purchased the iPod Classic last week and had a nano previously and that syncs with no problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!
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    I too am having this problem, and I just opened up my iPod after receiving it new from the Apple Store a few days ago. The problem manifests with both the original software version on my iPod 160GB Classic, and again after the latest update (downloaded 11/5/07). The error reads, "Attempting to copy to the disk "[my name]'s IPOD" failed. The disk couldnt not be read from or written to." This is very frustrating for a Mac user of 19 yrs, and someone who has owned 7 iPods. I was planning to try syncing just one playlist at a time to it when I get home later this week, rather than attempting to do all 135GB at one shot. However, after reading the other posts, I am less convinced that this will work.

    Any suggestions, or any help from Apple?
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    I too am having sync issues, in iTunes I have 13340 tracks but after sync is complete I only have 12450 odd tracks on my iPod!! What is happening here I have no tracks to convert and can't work out what is missing just too much too look through!
    Any suggestions please.
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    sorta: i went through three ipod classic 160gb units. each failed to sync to the computer as soon as it had "updated" itself to 1.02. it'd just hang in a loop - "connecting ...", reset - until its power failed. the fourth unit was not allowed to update and is currently working just fine. apple was good enough about swapping them. the genius who did the last swap was unaware of a systemic problem with this upgrade.

    i'm wondering if i just had a faulty flash image that scrogged the previous three machines. if so, why didn't a checksum test stop it from being used?

    by the way, a couple of times, i managed to get one or other ipod to signal the computer, which responded with "iTunes cannot recognize this iPod at this time" which is sorta documented at http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=306669 ...

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    Im having the same 50/50 usb connect problems. It also took several times for my library to sync. I just picked up the classic 160 yesterday so I upgraded to 1.02 without using the old version. I've also had some podcasts freeze and skip. I hope its a software issue. I was afraid it was the HD.
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    I haven't had any problems, so all that I can suggest is to update to Itunes 7.5, and try again. If this doesn't work, reset your IPod while its connected to the computer and see if it works.