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Ok, so I am going to buy the new Touch. I went to the Apple site and found I had to pay tax so, I decided since I HAD to, I might as well go to the Apple store and buy one and get it today since I can check the build date and everything.

Well, I checked Best Buy first and they have safe build date Touches. After talking to the guy there, I thought about some things after he pitched the extended service plan/warranty.

At Best Buy, I can get 3 years coverage for $59.99. That's EXACTLY the same as the cost of the Apple protection plan...

Now, here's two scenarios:

1) I buy from Best Buy, pay $399.99 for the 16G, pay $59.99 for a 3 year coverage plan that GOES ON TOP OF the 1 year Apple warranty plus tax. If the Touch dies or breaks, whatever, I can return it to Best Buy within the 4 years I own it and it will get replaced as the guy told me they don't fix iPods...

2) I buy it from Apple, pay $399.99 for the 16G, pay $59.99 for what Apple calls a 2 year plan, but really, the warranty coverage if something goes wrong is an additional year beyond the normal 1 year the iPod comes with standard, plus tax.

So, why would I buy from Apple when I can get 4 years of coverage vs. 2 years at the very same price.

The lady at Apple stated I would receive the Tech Support with the service plan, but really, these forums can answer most issues concerning technical stuff. I really just want to cover any manufacturer defects, mechanical failures, etc. The Apple plan is only 2 years total for the same basic thing Best Buy offers, but their plan goes 2 years beyond that.

Am I getting it wrong? Tell me why I shouldn't buy from Best Buy... <!-- ZoneLabs Popup Blocking Insertion -->
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    Also, note that Best Buy has a 30 day return policy with no restocking fee vs. 14 day with 10% restocking fee at the Apple Store. I am not sure how the warranty time-line works for sure. Make sure you get Best Buys in writing that you understand.
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    Just so you know the Best Buy "Performance Service Plan" runs concurrently with the Apple 1 year warranty. So you will only have three years. And it doesn't cover damage, ie dropping it.

    Unfortunately, I used to work at Best Buy.
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    Yeah, I figured it was NOT in addition to the 1 year from Apple... Apple's warranty actually covers if I drop it and damage the unit? That's interesting and possibly a positive... Although I have never (knock on wood) dropped one of my iPods before...

    Since you worked at Best Buy, am I better off going with them to get that extra year? I mean, Apple's is a total of 2 and BB's is a total of 3... A lot can happen in that third year. I've had mine for three and it's been great - I suspect I'll be into another new one by then, but it is nice to have coverage...
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    Apple's warranty does not cover accidental damage. It is 2 years total where BB is 3 years total. Both offer about the same product coverage.
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    I have already returned my iTouch once when I experianced the negative color accents on the movie video's. I was lucky that it happened only 2 weeks after I had purchased at Best Buy. They did not have any more at the time, so I got store credit, and then waited for the next shipment. The experiance was enough to make my decision to get the 3 year service plan the next time around. So far, my new iTouch is perfect with no problems.
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    How long have you kept all the iPods you owned?

    The point there is: yes, it's very nice to have a longer warranty but I bet if you have $399 today to buy the iPT, you will certainly/hopefully have the money equivalent down the road to buy a newer version which I suppose will be out before 3 years.

    Anyway, in my experience with electronics, if nothing goes wrong within a year it's unlikely that something will go wrong down the road.

    I wouldn't give away $60 for a warranty that doesn't cover accidents. Save that money and use it when a newer, better iPod comes out.
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    I would hands down purchase from BB. Add their Performance Service Plan. I have found that as soon as the mfg warrenty expires something always goes wrong, Murphys Law..With their plan it is so easy to exchange, since they do not repair IPods they have to give you a new one, that's just the way they are set up. 3years over 2years ??? Most Apple stores are difficult to get to and BB's are all over. Enjoy!
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    Some other factors to think about:

    1. The online Apple Store offers engraving. Useful, if only in a small way, for theft deterrence.

    2. American Express offers double rewards points on online Apple Store purchases.

    3. Most credit cards will double manufacturers' warranties, so you don't have to buy a retailer's extended warranty (stick the $60 in the bank and it can be working for you completely painlessly).
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    I just picked up two 16gigs (posting this from one now) from BB. Plus if you get the reward zone (free to sign up) you get some reward dollars later.
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    "I wouldn't give away $60 for a warranty that doesn't cover accidents. Save that money and use it when a newer, better iPod comes out."

    But, the point is that Apple's warranty isn't going to cover accidents, either. I don't think anyone has such a warranty...

    I'm just saying that IF I want an extended warranty, why would I or why SHOULD I buy teh Apple's vs. BB's. I think I see the growing answer is to buy at BB as I will get an extra year. The technical side is something I feel I can get answered here as easily as if I called Apple and had the Apple protection plan.

    Engraving? I would never do that simply because I usually sell my older units (although I am keeping my 30G this round) and if it is personalized, it gets harder to resell...
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    Here's a direct quote about the Best Buy warranty: Performance Service Plan Benefits

    A Best Buy Performance Service Plan (PSP) ensures the long-lasting enjoyment of your purchase with comprehensive coverage from the day you buy it.

    Some of the benefits are:

    Parts and Labor Coverage
    We cover all the parts and labor necessary to return your product to factory specifications. If we cannot repair your product, we will provide a replacement. <--- Does this mean new replacement or a refurbished unit??
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    "Also, note that Best Buy has a 30 day return policy with no restocking fee vs. 14 day with 10% restocking fee at the Apple Store."

    This would be the most important thing to me. I always have so much trouble dealing with Apple directly when it comes to returns. The ability to return something with a problem and start over again painlessly is really important.

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    I was in BB tonight and they had four 16g wk 40..Just got them in tonight.
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    There is not an Apple store for over 250 miles from where i live and the closest Best Buy is 15 but here is something form there serves plan this is y i will buy it from Best buy

    Accidental Damage From Handling (ADH) Coverage for damage that is the result of an unexpected and unintentional external event, such as drops and spills, that arise from your normal daily usage of the product. Once your product has been replaced under the terms and conditions of the ADH Coverage, this Plan has been fulfilled in its entirety.

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