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I am trying to connect to the internet on my iPod touch and the network is locked and it wants my password. I never set up a password so I have no clue what it is. How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

iMac 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Well what network are you connecting too? Wifi works with hotspots so if you have no clue what network it is you might be connecting to your neighbours wireless' modem.
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    It is my own network...it has my name there.
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    type in


    usually works if u didnt set a password, if that doesnt work, call your ISP. (so ur internet service provider. ie. optus. tpg . netgear. who ever) and ask.

    no caps
    just admin.
    good luck
  • amazazing Level 1 (0 points)
    Unfortunately typing admin did not work, but it was a good suggestion.

    I'll call my ISP if I don't find a solution on here.
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    what password are you trying to find?

    to get into your wireless router? see: http://www.routerpasswords.com/index.asp

    to get your ipt to connect to your network? this may be a problem, unless your router shows you the wep, wpa, wpa2 password out in the clear. mine actually does< once you log into the web interface.

    if you can log onto your access point, and if doesnt tell you what the password is, you will need to change it. then you will have to update all the things that do wireless through it.
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    I just purchased a Touch today and I'm also having problems accessing Safari, etc.
    I'm being prompted for a password. Is this password the same as the existing password for my Actiontec router furnished and installed by Verizon?
  • alleg23 Level 1 (20 points)
    it depends.

    the password to get into the router might be the same as the wpa/wep password, but then again it might not.

    you should log onto the router and see if it gives you a clue.
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    Thanks, Alegg23.

    I give it a try.
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    After hours of fooling around, I figured it out. I went to /system preferences /sharing /internet / airport options / and i created a network with my own password and changed it to "share connection from built in ethernet to computers using AirPort", and clicked start. Then, on my Touch, it picked up the newly created network and I had to type in the password I just created.
    Hope this helps some people!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your help everyone... all great answers and suggestions.
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    Good morning...
    Maybe a stupid question but how do you type in numbers on the keypad? My password, I learn, contains both letters and numbers.
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    See on the keypad where it has the button on the bottom left that said @123? Hit that button and you'll get the numbers. To get back to the letters, tap ABC.
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    I have a new ipod touch and spent a couple of days and a huge headache trying to get it up and running.
    I had the same problem as you when I tried to connect my touch with my wifi router (Netgear) that I use for my laptop pc. After much thought and searching I found the notes I had taken when setting up the router, 3yrs ago. I found that I had used what is called a "key" a long number and letter type thing called the WEP 64 bit code or it can be called WPA-PSK.
    When I entered this WEP code as the password that the IPT was asking for my ipod touch immediatly connected to my wifi and was online.

    If I had not found my old notes with this code I would probably be on here asking the same questions.

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