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I just have a question: I'd like to connect a USB to Wifi (802:11 G) adapter in order to allow my old PowerMac G4 to have a faster WiFI network connection. However, every adapter I have found is labeled as requring Windows of some variety. What brand/models, if any, are compatible with Tiger? Is there a particular chipset I should look for, or a particular model? if a compatible adapter exists, how well do they normally work?

Furthermore, because I boot my G4 into both Panther and Mac OS 9.2.2, any adapter that works in the other OSes, particularly OS 9, is even more useful!



Edit: I'd like to note that I have a USB 2 card attached to the G4 - and although it will only function at USB 1.1 speed under OS 9 - and thus the connected adapter - it will still work. As long as OS 9 can connect to my network, I'm happy.

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