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I am thinking of purchasing an Apple TV. I am using all windows xp pc's and a Buffalo LinkStation Live NAS box. I want to know if it is possible to stream music, video and photos from the NAS without requiring any pc's on.

_My iTunes library is stored on the NAS._ I use iTunes on all my pcs to access and play music and videos, so I decided some time back to use one common library stored on the NAS which all computers on the network can use and manage within iTunes (hold shift when starting iTunes to select a manual library). Is there some option on Apple TV to manually select an iTunes library such as my one on my NAS box?

Windows XP
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    i doubt it
    streaming mean that 1 end is sending little pieces of data at the time to the reciever
    and a NAS is just basicly an external hd with network
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    See this howto that was just recently published: http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/index.php?title=Stepby_Step_Guide_to_Playing_DivX_Files_from_aNAS

    It does involve hacking your AppleTV (although without any opening of the case), so the process could be completely undone with the next software upgrade.
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    So basically the only option for those of us who are interested in Apple TV but need/want to use an external storage source is some sort of media server, whether it's running a Windows or Mac OS? This is because iTunes must be running to communicate with the Apple TV unit, correct?

    I had been toying with the idea of building a cheap Windows box to serve media to my 360 and subsequently an Apple TV unit, this sounds like it might be the best option after all.
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    Yes - that's exactly the approach I'm taking with my two AppleTVs. I have Buffalo Terastation Live, and also have a stripped-down old Dell desktop running XP whose only purpose is to run iTunes. I have the AppleTV pointing to that server (named "MEDIA") in streaming mode. Everything is connected via a D-Link DIR-655 router (Wireless N), and all the media connections (NAS, Media Server, and AppleTV) are 1Gbps wired. Works great, except for the well-documented problems that some of us have about the AppleTV not playing iTunes purchased music.