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How do I transfer pictures taken on iphone to my home pc?

hp, Windows XP
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    you synch them into your photo library on the PC. Check the iPhone users guide for more information.
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    In the windows environment when you plug in the iPhone a window will pop-up asking you if you want to transfer pics from the "device" to your PC. IF you have by chance have told this NOT to show everytime an external drive is plugged in you can go to >>>> my computer>>>look for a drive that is "new" and then open it and you can transfer pics from iPhone.*Make sure the iPhone is plugged in to an USB 2.0 port on the PC and not to an hub*. Mind you this can ONLY be done to pics taken thru iPhone and NOT that have been transferred thru iTunes.
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    Hey Pete,

    This article goes over syncing with the iPhone.

    The iPhone should be recognized by the comptuer as a camera. Depending on your photo organization software the importing may be diffrent.
    Goto> Start>Control Panel>Scanners and Cameras>Double click the iPhone. The wizard will then walk you through importing pictures.

    The iPhone User Guide is available here: