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I can't turn off my iPod classic. I've tried the b utton on top, and resetting it, but it won't turn off properly. What can I do now?

Dell Desk top, Windows XP
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    the button up top is only to lock the buttons. Just hold in the play/pause button for a seconfand it'l turn off
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    If it doesn't turn off itself in about two minutes of no use, then you may need to reset it.

    Put the hold switch to the OFF/White position. Now toggle it ON/orange then back off again. Then press and hold both the MENU and center buttons on the iPod and hold them for a good 15 seconds or so. Your iPod should reboot starting with the Apple Logo screen.

    If it doesn't work the first time, give it a second or third go. Sometimes it takes a few/several tries.


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    here is how to restore to update 1.0.1 if you are having dificulties with 1.0.2 like i was too.

    find the update 1.0.1 in my computer by searching for '' *.ipsw '' next you cut and paste the 2 files with the 1.0.2 in their names from there to the desktop in case you need it later, and then disable the automatcly check for updates and try to restore the ipod software, say no the pop up about would you like to enable updates or whatever and restore it and sync the songs again.

    Thanks for everyone's help!

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    There's a problem some Ipod Classics have where, if you turn it off, it turns right back on almost immediately. Reset doesn't fix. If you restore and reload your music files, the problem recurs. If you google for this prob, you'll find it's relatively common.

    Anyone know if Apple is working on a fix for this or should I just trade in my brand new Ipod to Apple Service for a (alas) used one?