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I just got some new hardware (including a new hard drive) and completely rebuilt my computer. I successfully migrated my huge itunes library including all album artwork/ratings/etc.

I do have one major problem though now...Itunes will not detect my ipod. I have tried all the basic steps such as rebooting my pc and ipod, different USB port, etc. I am a network engineer for a living so any expert technical advice would be appreciated. I feel like I've tried everything already.

XP is recognizing the device as a drive with no problems. It's only itunes.

Everytime I connect my ipod the ipodservice.exe starts to eat at my CPU usage and Itunes never detects the ipod.

I have also tried all the steps on here: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=93716

Was i supposed to change a setting on my ipod/itunes before the migration?

Please help.

Thank you.

Windows XP Pro, iPod 60gb black 5.0 gen
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    I'll try that when I get home from work today but I highly doubt that is it.

    Windows is recognizing my ipod as a drive, as it usually does, with no errors or anything. All of my drivers, including my chipset/usb, are up to date.
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    Disconnect one of the current drive on your computer, and then connect the ipod. See if you computer can now 'see' your ipod. The ipod may be "under" one of your current drives and itunes will say something to the effect that your ipod is not correctly formated and will need to be restored. However; the problem is that there are not enought drives left for your computer to assign one to the ipod that is connecting. Just an idea.
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    Well I know it's not using one of my current drives but your idea totally gave me another one.

    I partition my PC very weird. I don't have any drive assigned using "C." So as XP normally does it gives whatever storage device the next available letter that is not in use. Well...that was always C. For some reason this would cause the ipodservice.exe to freak out. I'm guessing it's a windows problem..

    So...i connected it and assigned it a different drive letter in disk management...Itunes all the sudden sees my ipod and syncs......wow.

    So looks like I learned something knew and hopefully future ppl with this problem can refer to my post.


    Thanks for getting my brain thinking flipo