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Does anyone know if the G4 (14") ibook serial number can be correlated with the original keyboard serial number? I recently had my ibook serviced and I suspect a different keyboard was fitted; it now has a few problems such as occasionally sticking keys and a couple of the key figures are slightly worn (I don't recall them previously being so). The repairer of course insists it is the original keyboard, but I have my doubts.

imac & ibook, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    I'm not sure that it can be--I don't see anything like that in "About this Mac". Unless you wrote down the original keyboard serial number before taking it in, it would be hard to prove it was a different one. Do you feel it is really a different one, or could it have sustained some minor damage?

    When I replaced my keyboard due to the letters coming off, the new one had a surprisingly different feel. But I wonder how many extra 14" keyboards a repair shop might just have hanging around--I wouldn't think too many. Or why a different one would be fitted unless someone wanted the one you had for some reason.

    Unfortunately, there may not be any resolution to this situation.
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    I agree with you in that my question probably can’t be answered; I just thought it was worth a try posting it here. The only people who would possibly be in the know would be at the apple factory where it was assembled – perhaps records are kept of the serials of the various components that go to make up a single unit.

    Nonetheless, I still do feel I have a different keyboard. The problem that necessitated the need for repair was thought to be keyboard related – several keys were repeating ad infinitum. The apple-authorised repair person had trouble isolating the cause and I know he did try at least one other keyboard from a dead ibook before finding the problem with mine was actually in software (several corrupt preference files). So it’s possible that the keyboard switch was just a simple and honest mistake – the temporary replacement keyboard was unintentionally left on my ibook. And as I said, when I later enquired about this I was assured my ibook was returned to me with the original keyboard.

    It wouldn’t bother me if I wasn’t now having problems with the keys; the navigation keys specifically tend to work intermittently. I guess the only real remedy is to purchase a new (or at least a working(!) used) keyboard.
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    The 12" iBook G4 and the 14" iBook G4 were said to use different part numbers;
    or at least as far as I could tell by searching online replacement parts sources,
    they show distinctively different part numbers for these keyboards.

    Have you compared the proper part number against the one your iBook now has?
    Serial numbers should have little to do with this, except to identify the exact
    model and build date of the computer or the keyboard. I was not aware the key-
    board had a serial number, normally it would have a Apple product part number.

    The user replaceable parts page in Apple Support used to have a download of the
    procedure required to replace a keyboard in an iBook G4; and had reference to the
    part number needed. Some of the online parts suppliers have helpful DIY hints
    pages for free reference on their sites, too.

    Have you tried an external keyboard to see if the machine works correct regardless
    of the internal keyboard? Some things can be found out that way. And, it may be
    entirely possible someone got the wrong keyboard fixed up with your iBook. It may
    be the correct type for the model, but not "yours." I guess it helps to write on the
    bottom of the keyboard before taking a notebook in for service, if a doubtful shop
    is used and a real Apple service center not available(?)

    Best of luck in this matter!
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    Thanks for your comments. The serial on my keyboard (it’s underneath it) is KZ5112B4R2XA. (apple’s part number for the 14” 1.42 G4 ibook keyboard is apparently 922-6913). And yes, the machine works fine with an external keyboard, and yes, it was a genuine apple service centre that undertook the repair.

    And the lesson from this is of course to make a note of all component serials (where they exist) before taking any computer for repair. Paranoid, I know, but probably worthwhile to avoid possible problems like this…
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    One thing to check on is if the repair is under warranty--it may well be. And another thing you can do is go to Systems Preferences>International>Input Menu and check off the box that says "Keyboard Viewer". This will install a little flag in your menu bar and you can click on it and get the keyboard viewer. It highlights the keys as you type, and if a key is dead, it won't highlight. It might help illustrate problems.

    But you might go back to the shop again and say the keyboard is still having intermittant problems and your keyboard problem isn't fixed.

    Good luck!