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I bought my first Ipod, the 160 Classic. I really like it except for the stupid Video out problem. I wanted to be able to use it with a Philips DCP850, but as we all know it doesn't work with most of the third part devices. So I have an opportunity to get a 80 gig 5.5 gen ipod for $219.00 and return my classic less a 10% restocking fee. Since I have never used the 5.5 gen I am wondering if I am making the right move. I know it is less space but it is also $100.00 cheaper. I don't know if I will really need 160 gigs of space. But other then that what other things might I regret if I make the trade? Or are they pretty much the same? Can I get some feedback on pros and cons of this deal? Or other thoughts and opinions?
Thanks very much

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