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Hello everybody!

I've had my G4 iMac since 2002 and have successfull upgraded to the latest version of OSX that was available. I recently read that the new OSX Leopard will only work on 866Mhz G4's or faster. I only have 512MB of RAM. Does anyone else plan on at least giving the upgrade a shot? I'll be the first to admit that I need a new computer and I hope Santa Claus will give me one for X-Mas, but in the meantime, it would be nice to have the latest OS on my Flat Panel iMac.

iMac G4 800Mhz, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    You will probably be able to run Mac OS X 10.5 on an unsupported machine with XPostFacto, but it may be too slow to be usable, and it will not be available on the Mac OS X release date.

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    Being stuck with the 800MHZ 17" I-Mac, and afraid Tiger would quickly dissappear, I went out to my local Apple Store last weekend, picked up Tiger, and an External Hard Drive, and did a clean install after erasing my drive...with the help of:


    My "New" computer is screaming fast. Do not know why I did not get Tiger earlier....won't do this again! I'll probably pick up a new I-Mac next year sometime, and use this one as an I-Tunes server or the like. BTW - I have 1GB of RAM....had it installed when I purchased the I-Mac back in '02.
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    so Tiger is running OK? what did you have before?

    I inherited a 17" 800mhz G4 and was hoping to upgrade the OS. It currently has 10.2 which ***** for finding applications & support. I read 10.3 was the best OS for these machines.
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    I have just bought the new Leopard OS X 10.5 and have found that my 17" imac is not powerful enough to take it. Apple online will not take refunds on software. Is there a site that I can sell this to a mac user with a better CPU
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    Have you sold it yet?

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    I installed leopard onto my G4 imac 800 MHz 512 computer and now when my computer goes into sleep mode the screen fades white then blueish then goes black and the cpu goes silent, when i try to wake up the computer it will not come back from the black screen but the cpu starts back up or at least the fans and it sounds like it is running. When i restart my computer my screen works fine.. any idea how to fix?
    ps i have already reset the PRAM and PMU..
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    Hi, I have similar problems with my iMac (800 MHz G4, Flatscreen) running on Leopard. Did you solve your problem? How? Thanks, Lorenzo
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    Trouble is, more and more hardware devices (like new ipods, even shuffles!) and software (like the missing sync) are requiring 10.4.

    10.3, which I have, is probably optimal in terms of speed, but you're going to increasingly find yourself unable to do things you want to do, even with it.

    I'm looking for 10.4 on install CD's (not DVD's; no DVD player on my iMac). So far, no luck.

    I'm guessing you can find 10.3 on ebay; look for the black disks, not the machine-specific gray ones. (Or so I hear.)
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    10.5.2 and Leopard Graphics Update 1.0 solves the issue
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    Are you successfully running leopard on an imac g4 800mhz? I want to upgrade my in-laws in large part so I can remotely help them. I have an intel Macbook pro so no problems for me, but I don't want to upgrade them over Easter and leave them with a nonfunctioning mac.
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    Should I risk installing Leopard on my iMac? When I attempted an install on my MacBook Pro it crashed the machine and the drive had to be reformatted which was a horrible experience to go through. Are there any indicators that might show whether an install is likely to be problematic? Although my data is backed up having to reinstall apps and plug-ins is a real pain.
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    I am sure that with X-postfacto the install was successful --no problems running and no limitations
    other than the sleep mode canundrum. However I have a gig of ram. Your system should probably be a little more maxxed out with additional RAM. I see no danger in trying..though.
    2 tips --The sleep/weird screen freeze problem can be solved by either setting your energy saver prefs never to go to sleep--or ( more complexly) swapping the tiger display services framework -under system/ private frameworks--I am definately not sure of that though--some more informed parties on the leopard discussion pages said it --or some such thing--worked for them. look for that, and......forget about me.....I'm not worth it... sob...Arrhhhh!!!!
    P.S. --second tip --in this case --is, if you do leopard don't use filevault--it's dangerous in this case because the system is limited--word to the wise cause I lost my system using filevault and this custom install--probably a keychain update anomoly.