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Hi...I searched but could not find this. All I want to do is export iCAL into a .CSV format so I can then merge my 3 or 4 address books into Excel. Then I will import the corrected version back. The import is easy--already did it with another .csv file. How the heck do you EXPORT iCAL??? I cannot find it in help or on support or anywhere. Your input is greatly appreciated. maudmary

iMAC, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    I assume you mean Address Book rather than iCal since you refer to addresses. If so, you are in the wrong forum.

    However, Address Book does not have a way to export in CSV format - only in vCard. If one of your other apps can import this format and export CSV, that will get you where you want to be.

    The good news is that Address Book can import CSV.
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    Yes, sorry. I did mean address book. Will excel use vCards? Then that would do it. Also, since I have your attention, how do I group my contacts in my address book? I am brand new to MAC, so the "transition" is a tad bumpy right now. In other words, can I indicate business vs. personal contacts...categories? Thanks. mm
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    I don't believe Excel can import vCal. However, I found this useful site that will do the conversion for you: http://labs.brotherli.ch/vcfconvert/

    You can create groups File>New Group and simply drag cards from the list into that group or you can also create a Smart Group and use, say, the company name to determine what gets added.
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    Thank you very much for all the info. I will try these and come back to mark this resolved once I give it a go. Best! mm
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    This is helpful. You can export in various formats, but you do lose the organization, or the order of the data. Still, better than nothing and so far, the only thing I have found. If folks know of other means to export address book, let me know. THX.
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    I was trying to export Address Book to Excel and found this discussion. I ended up exporting my contact list from Entourage as a tab delimited text file. I then imported that file into Excel and saved it as an Excel workbook.
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    Sorry I've been a while replying.

    The order of your data is typically managed by the application you're using it in - i.e. in Address Book you will see the data ordered by name (with a choice of first and family name) and you can search all the data.
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    I tried the conversion tool at labls.brotherli.ch/vcfconvert and it didn't separate the fields correctly. When I looked at the file in Excel, all the fields were in the first cell! Does this converter work correctly for anyone else?