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Hi All,

So I have just got my MBP today and have started trying to set it up. Attempted to install a BT modem to get start with BT. I think I have managed to delete the applications associated with BT but can not seem to figure out how to remove it from the network list? Please can someone advise!!

Also, if anyone knows how I can read and write to an NTFS drive that would be awesome too.

Many thanks

Sony Vaio, Windows XP Pro, 2.8Ghz Intel P4, 512MB Memory
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    Is the modem USB-based? If so, call BT and get them to replace it with an ethernet-based one.

    There is a very poor success rate with USB-based DSL modems. I don't know if this is the Mac OS, the state of the modem manufacturers, or the ISP, but the hit rate is surprisingly low.

    That said, you should be able to remove any device through System Preferences -> Network -> Show -> Network Port Configurations from where you can select and delete any interface you don't want.

    As for the NTFS question, the Mac OS can read, but not write NTFS volumes out-of-the-box. To write to NTFS you need some additional software like MacFUSE.
    MacOSX Hints has a nice write-up on getting this to work.
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    Thanks for the help =) worked a treat!