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I do not own an ipod touch but have ordered one

I would like to know what the pros and cons (mainly cons) are of the touch


  • kwara4u Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    simple Wifi connetion

    responsive keyboard

    Brightness is good

    Awesome web Browser, Its fastter than anyother browser on any handheld. I have owned all kind of handheld including phones, pda, PSP but this safari browser is super fast.

    Auto-brightness feature is good.

    Very good Youtube feature with a completely new youtube layout and a player specifically made for ipod touch youtube. I think Youtube and Webbrowser makes touch the best Ipod.


    Everything is touch, then why need for a Home button, it should be a touch too.

    No external speakerss for music and Alarm speakers are low.

    No external volume button.

    But inspite of all thst, im happy and satisfied with touch.
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    sounds like you need to read a review of he product that you just ordered. Here is a good review on the ipod touch.


    +Pros: Apple’s first iPod-branded device with a widescreen display, wireless Wi-Fi antenna, and icon-based touchscreen interface, offered at a lower price than the company’s same-capacity iPhone. Includes iPhone-style music, video, photo, and web browsing features, plus updated versions of several classic iPod applications, plus wireless access to the iTunes Store for audio downloads. Offers longer audio and video run times than last year’s models, in a surprisingly thin package.+

    +Cons: Feels less like a flagship iPod than an intentionally stripped down iPhone, with diminished cosmetics, interface and features. Noticeably downgraded screen exhibits problems such as inverted blacks and dead pixels, which detract from video viewing experience, while shorter battery life, lower storage capacity, longer transfer times, and less impressive audio quality make it a surprisingly so-so alternative to the less expensive iPod classic. Neither Apple’s best portable video or audio device; also lacks games. Continues iPhone’s overly expensive battery replacement program, despite using less powerful battery.+

    Go to the link and read at the very top the pros and cons that they say in their review. It will be the same you would get here. And if you so choose you can read the full review which i recommend because a smart consumer is a happy consumer. You wouldn't buy a car without reading reviews of it beforehand right????


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    It total depends on who you ask. My only 2 issues are the lack of editing the calendar application and the memory size is too small for lots of video. Other than that the product is great. Now that Apple has opened the door to 3rd party applications next February I like the product even more!
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    The lack of a soft touch Home "button" on the screen was the first thing that I noticed as a clear Con. It is a simple item, but the number of times you hit the Home button suggests that it might wear out quickly.
  • Jaqueh Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    Pros: Contrary to my past statements, Sound quality is amazing!
    Looks awesome-very thin, very bright, has wifi, and widescreen, great for movies and surfing web
    Inbetween: volume not terribly loud but that varies
    Cons: Black level is horrible blacks are washed out to a grey level, battery life is not so great, memory is ok
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    I agree. Pretty much the only cons I have discovered are the lack of editing the Calendar directly onto the touch...you can update contacts, why not the calendar? seems as though apple will catch on soon and fix that with an update...HOPEFULLY!
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    Every-time someone sees it, they grab it and get their grubby fingerprints on it!

    So...get THESE!

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    If they won't fix it a third party will. I have heard it is only 2 lines of code to put it in.
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    I love my Touch! It has amazing video quality, great audio! Love the features! Also, with Apple announcing they will offer 3rd party apps soon (SDK available in February) that makes it even better!

    Cons: No external speaker. I would have liked the ability to listen to the YouTube Videos, etc. with external speakers.

    Also, you can't read the meta data or sometimes longer podcast names (or at least I haven't figured out how). That really *****! I was used to my 5G iPod that would scroll the name if it was too long, allowing you to read it.
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    Just got my touch last week. It is great except for one or two things. It seems to be disabled when it comes to connecting to iTunes Store. It lets you buy music but there no screens for playlists,or radio. I would like to listen to the radio (like on my MacBook) but this seems to be disabled. It seems that all Apple wants you to do is download music and not listen to internet radio. Its a shame really that Apple seems to be going away from its user friendly roots.
    Battery life is a little short, especially when using the WIFI. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to change songs or raise or lower the volume. It could use the old style touch wheel.
  • W Joseph Hatley Level 1 Level 1 (70 points)
    Had mine for just over a week.

    Pros: Incredible video quality, although this probably depends on the source video. I downloaded last year's Fiesta Bowl game from iTunes, and the picture quality is darn near HD. Everyone who saw it had to pick their jaws off the floor. Sound quality seems just fine. Browser speed also seems fine.

    Con: Despite advertising, I can't listen to music and surf Web at same time. The music stops -- the person at the Genius Bar said doing both can max out the memory, leading the music to shut down. It would be nice to have a bit more capacity, but that would come at a mighty high price for a flash-based device. It still holds plenty, but probably requires a bit more management than a Classic.