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So I'm back with a new spew, and I apologize to all readers for a new post with possible subsequent strong language, I'm not patient nor pleasantly inclined in any way.

So I bought the new aluminium keyboard as a treat for my now older G5, I had been using an iMac kb from 2K, which by now had become quite disgusting with it's plastic cover allowing all sorts of crap to creep in between over the years. Then design which was cool.

To my new keyboard there was a DL in updates, to take advantage of all the lovely features now incorporated, which I accepted, as a rule I avoid updates, experience taught me otherwise, unexpected hickups and what not... but as I wanted to be able to turn volume up and down etc etc using iTunes, I went for this software, obviously absent in my G5..

What happens hereafter is beyond my comprehension.... My new keyboard and whatever software I can now not dig back out from the core, being illiterate to computer language, has lapses.

My keyboard and mouse are paralysed every 5 min to 10 maybe 15 mins for about 10 to 20 secs even within minutes or stuck in a typo or just frozen...

Now what is this? I'm sure there is such an explanation that it's not made for my older G5. But the clerk did not draw my attention to this fact and it's not like there were other keyboards available... And why does it require software? It's just a keyboard? Tap and do should do it?

Now: I can just about live with this warped behaviour from my keyboard, although it is unacceptable, having paid for it. What is unacceptable is the continuos disappointment by a company which is my stallion in the run for global computer supremacy, persisting with let downs to 'old' users, I mean we made it possible for Apple to get this far.

So if I get an iPhone, will it crash my G5? Will it not perform as it is promised? I wish I could be bothered reading in the forum about it, I prefer to lean on my now lost idea, that Apple is the 'thing' to have and perhaps throw myself over that cliff and get one anyway, well expecting more trouble...

What I fail to understand why Apple is chasing the rainbow instead of consolidating what's at hand? And this confusing message to 'old' users like myself, a diehard since 1992, that Apple is like italian drivers... there is nothing behind... well it begs the question, how did Apple get thus far if it weren't for my likes?

If you haven't got your ** together there is no future, it's futile grasping at it

Anyway, while writing this bit, only two unwanted 'pauses' with input

So i'll wait for whatever update, before the new LEPPER takes over my life with new fancy pansy features which will distract me for a while until the gaps start showing all over again

G5, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Hi Christian Skjott-

    What is your question?

  • Dale Weisshaar Level 6 (15,860 points)
    A bad mouse can cause these symptoms. Have you tried a different one?
    I guess that's what you want help with. I'm a little lost with your post also.
     DALE
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    My question is: why does my input lapse... on mouse as well as keyboard. everything freezes and reacts to previous input.... such as it was 'happen...then the keyboard will stick on 'n' and type it repreatedly without me touching anything: happennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn til 10 secs gone by it'll stop

    Like seeing a doctor, now its all behavin fine: but it isn't

    My keyboard LAGS my mouse gets STUCK, both stop working, not even at regular intervals, but it sticks and it is not the mouse: it's a LOGITECH LX7, as good as they get, spanky new to replace the former and all freezes up and here we are?

    Trust me, before getting this keyboard I never experienced anything like this, it\s plain weird and obviously software communicating badly.. keyboard and mouse

    thats it cheers
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    Hi Christian Skjott-

    Are these wired devices? I have seen this same symptom when a USB drive is on and being written to frequently, as in doing a backup.

    If you haven't already try removing everything from the USB except mouse and keyboard and see if that changes anything.


  • Dale Weisshaar Level 6 (15,860 points)

    It's also possible you got a bad keyboard. When I bought my White Apple keyboard, after a nasty spill on my original, it was not functioning correctly, similar but not the same as yours. I had to bring it back to CompUSA, and they gave me another; no questions asked.
    I am sure, if you plug your old board in and everything is fine, but go back to this one and it isn't, it's probably defective. That is assuming you installed the correct update and Repaired Permissions before and after it.
    I'm sure you can get a replacement too. Why bring down the whole company over a simple keyboard issue?

    Cheers! DALE