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hi everyone
i need help
How can I copy tables from Numbers to Pages without formula in the cells?

MacBook MB061, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Where are you trying to paste the table you copied?

    If you select a table (click the table's name at the right in the "Sheets" panel, for instance) and then use the "Edit"/"Copy" copy menu item and then switch to the application to paste into (Word, TextEdit, whatever) and use the "Edit"/"Paste" item there, only the contents of the table, not the formulas will be pasted.

    If you are trying to paste a table back into Numbers and you do not want the formulas, you can use the "Edit"/"Paste Values" menu item in Numbers.
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    actually i need copy a part of table and then paste it in the Pages
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    Ok... I see your problem... when pasting into Pages, the formulas from Numbers are included. Perhaps this is really more of a Pages question (in which case I'm far from expert). A couple of ideas:

    • In Pages, try "Edit"/"Paste and Match Style", which may insert tab delimited cell values (no formulas). Then, if you want the table format back, select these newly pasted tabbed values and use Page's "Format"/"Table"/"Convert Text to Table"/

    • In Numbers, before copying, make a temporary table of the plain values first, then copy and paste that into Pages. To do this, select the range of cells you desire in the Numbers and "Edit"/"Copy". Then "Edit"/"Deselect All" and "Edit"/"Paste Values" and "Edit"/"Cut". Now just a table of values is on the clipboard and you can head over to Pages to paste.
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    The given tips may help but the correct responce to this problem would be that Apple add a "Paste Values" menu item in Pages or add a "Copy Values" in Numbers (maybe this one may replace the "Paste Values" one because when the values are put in the clipboard, no need for a special "Paste values" menu item).

    Of course I will ask Apple for this change but I hope that passing it here, we will be numerous to ask for it.

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE vendredi 19 octobre 2007 20:43:05)