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I have a MacPro 2x Dual Core Intel Xeon 3GHz with 4GB RAM & 3 Serial-ATA hard drives. Bay 1 holds a 250GB drive which is my boot disk and applications disc. Bay 2 and Bay 3 hold 500GB discs, Bay 2 I use as my "Data" drive and Bay 3 I use purely as a backup drive. This is the original configuration.

Everything was working great and then the drive in Bay 3 started not mounting on start-up. This may be coincident with installing the latest firmware update for the fans. I've run disk utilities, TechTool, and have re-formatted the disk G.U.I.D. twice but still it does not mount properly on start-up.

Any ideas?

MacPro 2xDual Core Intel Xeon 3GHz, Mac OS X (10.4.10), SuperDrive, 4GB RAM, 3-Serial ATA Drives