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I suddenly have two "birthday" categories in my Ical which means that every birthday is showed twice which is very annoying. Can anybody help me with this problem?


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    I'm having the same problem since upgrading to Leopard. Could anyone help us please?

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    Count me in on this problem as well. What I've got is a single "Birthdays" calendar, but all future birthdays appear twice in the event list. Birthdays that have already occurred only appear once. For example, looking at the October 2007 calendar, a friend's birthday is Oct. 4th and is only listed once. If I move forward to October 2008, it is listed twice, along with all other birthdays in the future.
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    Hi guys,

    The worst came to me very soon after my previous post: I got "three" copies of each birthday subscribed from Address Book on my iCal. I noticed one thing though. There were three duplicates of each contact in my Address Book.

    My workaround was going through my Address Book and deleted the duplicates one by one. To make the job more tedious, the cursor jumped funnily while I was trying to highlight each duplicate. It was a great pain for me as I had to delete 764 duplicated contacts to get my 382 contacts back to their original states. I then quit Address Book and iCal, and re-opened iCal but the duplicated birthdays still persisted. They went away only when I unchecked birthday subscription from Address Book in iCal preference and quit iCal then re-opened iCal and subscribed birthday from Address Book again.

    I have no idea why it happened this way. I guess it must have been a bug or two in syncing among my MacBook and Backup and iDisk.

    It was a very painful process but it solved my problem. I hope someone would come up with a better solution if there is one.

    Good luck,

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    Here is what I did that seemed to solve it.

    -Delete Birthday cal in ical.
    -Turn "Show birthday" back on in preferences.

    That took me from two entries for each back to one. I did not have multiple entires in the address book
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    DOH! Such a simple solution which worked like a charm for me. As for duplicates in my address book, I never had any, though some of my contacts did end up with duplicate addresses after syncing my iPhone.
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    A simpler solution worked for me:

    -In iCal: turn "Show birthdays Calender" Off in Preferences, under General.
    -In iCal: turn "Show birthdays Calender" On in Preferences, under General.

    That took me from two entries for each birthday back to one. I never did have multiple entires in the address book. I did not have to delete the Birthdays calender in iCal.
  • Paul F. Level 2 (225 points)
    This worked perfectly for me. I didn't have multiple entries in my Address Book either.

    Thanks for the solution Siniac, I wish I could give you some points.


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    I'm getting the same thing
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    Hello Siniac,

    Sorry to bring the following foreign subject into this discussion.

    I found you by browsing for the name 'Siniac'! Siniac is the name of a French writer I am intersted in.
    Do you know of him also? Why did you choose his name as your identifier?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Best regards.

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    Thanks for the help, it fixed my problem too
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    Great fix - pure genius!-)
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    Long ago when the earth was green and the dinosaurs roamed free I played Ultima Online. My first character was Cainis (just cause it sounded cool) He was a warrior and was constantly getting ganked.

    I decided to to a 180 and go pure caster. Cainis <- >Siniac. Ended up liking the name and I have used it as my web alias and MMO toon name ever since.

    Little did I know there was another one.

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    Well, my problem is the same but i guess of different reason. My "Work" calendar shows all birthdays I have logged in my address book. The Birthday calendar seems to work fine, no duplicates there, but along with the "work" calendar iCal shows duplicates. What I wish to do is to stop the "work" calendar to show all birthdays. Can any1 help me with this?