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I recently downloaded and installed Flip4Mac. I purchased it, got the serial number and authenticated it. A friend recommended I use it rather than Windows Media Player. Well, since getting Flip4Mac, I can't view any video that previously I could have viewed with WMP. What am I doing wrong? Are there certain preferences I need to select in Flip4Mac, on my powerbook, or in QuickTime? Do I need to do anything to disable WMP? I am so confused.


PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.10), 12inch
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    What exactly did you get? Flip4Mac player is free. There is no need to purchase a serial number because there isn't one. This is what you should have downloaded - Flip4Mac WMV You can get it at VersionTracker or MacUpdate. It is freeware.
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    What exactly did you get? Flip4Mac player is free.

    While the browser plug-in is free, there are 4 other versions of it available for purchase, each which allows additional features (details at http://flip4mac.com/wmv.htm ). Current production version is 2.1.3, and the beta is
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    Have you looked over this quickstart guide: http://flip4mac.com/pdfs/Flip4MacWMVQuickStart.pdf . If that doesn't help, you might want to contact flip4mac support at http://flip4mac.com/request.htm .
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    I did download it as freeware and purchased the upgraded version thinking that maybe that was what I needed. Still, I cannot figure out how to get it to work. Last night, the video clip onlin that I was attempting to watch would launch QuickTime (even if I clicked Windows Media Player as the application on the webpage that I would use) but still I got no video. The preferences pane seems pretty easy in Flip4Mac and I think I have it set up correctly. I am not sure what else to do. I did write to support at Flip4Mac but have not received a response yet. I posted to the forums here because in the past I have found better support for my questions than at any product support service.


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    Flip4Mac should work for you. And, it's handy to have the upgraded version for importing or converting wmv to other formats.

    I suggest you post a link to something that is not now playing back ok. I (and others) can see how it does on my Mac, and report back.

    Since WMP is no longer supported for Mac by MS, F4M is the preferred method. However, there is a detail within the F4M preferences that allows you to choose whether to use it exclusively, or have the option of using WMP. It is located under the "browser" pref tab, and says "use Flip4Mac WMV browser plug-in". When you do not have WMP installed, this option is grayed out and not selectable, but with it installed, you should have the option to uncheck it.

    One other place to get advise is from the F4M user forum HERE
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    that's a good idea...here is the link i was trying to access: http://www2.warnerbros.com/web/whoseline/whoseout/index2.jsp?playclip=clip1&medi a=video/x-ms-asf-plugin&speed=300000

    it is a link to the show "who's line is it anyway". there are several clips on the page to view but i selected each and every one to see if any would work via flip4mac and none did. again, not sure if i have to change any preferences with flip4mac or other system preferences, i am not completely ignorant with my mac but i am not super savvy so i am having trouble figuring out what the issue is that is preventing me from being able to use flip4mac successfully.


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    Jeez...that site is not co-operating...nothing plays there. Not Quicktime, WMV or RA. It doesn't indicate that the stuff is DRM protected, so I'm not sure what the heck that provider has done to make it so impossible to view the video. It think this one has to be chalked up as incompatible for the moment. If you see anywhere on the site to send an email to managment, tell 'em it does not work on a Mac.
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    Some web developers still think that Internet Explorer is the only web browser in the universe, perhaps the Warner Bros site is one of them, in which case nothing will play (I tried it with the same non-results, on both Firefox and Opera).