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Vincenzo Baldacchino Level 1 (10 points)
Hi All,

Have recently started experiencing issues with sleep on my system after installing a Serial ATA RAID card from SONNET or at least, the problems seem to have started since this card was installed!

What seems to happen, is that I will put my Powermac G4 to sleep and when I come back to it the next day, the system will start up (drives and fan etc.) but the screen will remain black and I get no response back from the system.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there a problem with the SATA card even though Sonnet claim that they have never had any sleep issues with this particular card or should I be looking elsewhere?

Any help would really be appreciated!

  • Eduardo B1 Level 2 (465 points)
    Hi Vincenzo,

    After installing anything new in your mac system you should:

    1. Repair Permissions
    2. Zap the pram
    3. Restart your Mac and immediately hold down the Command-Option-O-F key combo until you see a somewhat intimidating command-line display that ends with the Open Fimware prompt. Type the following lines:
    press Return on keyboard
    press Return
    press Return
    Your Mac will reboot. Once it's running, put it back to sleep to test. If the problem recurs your Energy Saver preferences may be the culprit. Delete the com.apple.PowerManagement.plist file (go to Finder/Hard drive/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration)--don't worry, your Mac will regenerate a new one--and then restart to see if that rights the wrong.

    I kinda copy this from other post by Dale Weisshaar, but this is what you should do anyway.
    You also want to see the mac troubleshooting post I just posted yesterday.
    Here are some instructions to follows if you system is running sluggish.
    It is possible that not everything here applies to you but it is important for you to read it and decide what is best for your case.

    Mac OSX Troubleshooting 1 read

    Mac OSX Troubleshooting 2 read

    Mac OS X troubleshooting: List

    1. Repair permissions using Disk Utilities.

    2. Reset PMU
    Power Mac G4 (AGP Graphics/Gigabit Ethernet): Resetting the PMU on the Logic Board
    Shut down the system, removed and reinstall the battery

    3. Reset PRAM and NVram.
    Macintosh: How to Reset PRAM and NVRAM
    More info about the issue:

    4. Running fsck


    Quick action for:

    - Resetting the PMU (ShiftControl+OptionPower)

    - Reset the PRAM (CommandOption+PR)
    - Reset the NVRAM (OptionCommand+OF)
    - Went into Open Firmware and did (type: reset-nvram & reset-all)
    - To debug (CommandOption+NV)