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Will the software from 'Good' (www.good.com - from Motorola) install on the iPhone? It says it's OTA (over the air) and will install on the PalmOS and Windows Mobile but there is no mention of the iPhone.

If anyone has installed it please let me know!


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  • gdgmacguy Level 7 (20,535 points)
    The iPhone does not support the installation of any 3rd party software.
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    Bump. Will this be a possibility after the SDK release? I was told by our IT guys that our use of this software was the reason that I can't sync our corporate email to my iPhone. (was told this when I asked about enabling iMap on our Exchange server)
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    Good does not support any other mobile operating systems other than Windows and Palm at present and I was told by them that there is no plans to design a version to support the iPhone in the works. Personally... I believe that since Motorolla acquired GoodLink they most likely never will, but who knows?