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I decided to delete some of the Artists from my Music Library, but I WANTED to keep "the original files". In a incomprehensible error, I clicked on "Move to trash" option.

The problem is that I have my "music files" in a independent folder organized like this:


I was adding every artist to the iTunes "Library" and there they were.

And now I have found that every song is in the trash but it is not organized by the previous folders I had!!!!!! There are only SONG FILES!!!

Please, can someone tell me how I can recover all the music files to its corresponding folder???????? Because I deleted more than 50 artist and I cannot go song by song figuring out which artist and album they belong!!!

Thank you

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MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Create a new folder on the Desk Top - call it Trashed Tunes - and drag the tunes from the trash to that new folder.

    If you are using the iTunes features 'keep and 'copy' enabled then all you need to do is drag the tunes back to the iTunes main window and iTunes will copy those tunes to the correct location based on Artist>Album>Song.

    Once the tunes are back in copied back into iTunes you can trash that folder with contents that you created.

    If none of this is to your satisfaction then you will have to do it one tune at a time.

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    Do you have to move each song individually. I tried to select them all and it would not let me move them. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr