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Hi -

I have a refurbed G5 (pre-iSight) that has the usual UJ-845 SuperDrive (single layer). This drive periodically "grinds" when reading or writing (it eventually completes the task - sometimes takes a few minutes, though). I know I can take it into an Apple store and let them have it for a few days and fix it under my AppleCare contract. But I really 1) can't be without it for a few days right now and 2) would rather have the current dual layer drive (UJ-845-B?).

On the Apple site, I found the instructions on how to replace the drive (apparently after Apple has sent a replacement) - pretty simple: remove 4 screws, slide in new drive, replace 4 screws.

So the question is: how do I get one of these DL drives? I'd be willing to buy it out-of-pocket. But I assume if I do this, I'm violating the AppleCare agreement. Or do I just bite the bullet and ask Apple to replace it, and hope I can convince them to put in a DL drive.

Any ideas? Would an "authorized repair" shop be able to repair/replace this?

Thanks . . .


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    You really should find out from Apple Care how long it would take. If you are within the service area, you can ask to have the drive replaced in your home. I'm not sure whether replacing it yourself would void your AC agreement, ask them.

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    Hi Mugwumper-

    How long can you afford to be without your Mac if something during the replacement goes awry and you need to get that fixed.

    Miriam offers good advice about contacting AppleCare to find out about the time frame.

    Have you considered an external? They tend to be a tad more convenient, usually way faster than the internal, and if it fails you just get another one.


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    Thanks for your replies . . .

    As it turns out, I had a power supply go out a few days ago, and got it
    fixed through AppleCare over the weekend at a local store. In that process,
    I learned that this optical drive swap may not be as simple as I thought,
    due to one "gotcha": it's possible the system firmware won't recognize a
    newer drive. And under AppleCare, they would only replace my drive with
    the same model - no option to pay for an "upgrade" . . .

    Oh, well - guess I need to save some $$ and buy a new computer . . . ;^)


    PS - Leopard is up and running, no problems . . . "Erase and Install"
    then let the Migration Assistant deal with 4 user accounts and a ton of
    apps and files.