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Hi all,

A few months ago I posted a question on this topic, but the old thread has been archived so I can't follow on to it.

Basically, I found that if I backed up my Aperture albums to my iPod, it scrambled the order of the pictures such that if I played a slideshow on the iPod, although the overall order of the pictures would be roughly correct, various individual shots would be in the wrong order. It turned out that the same annoying problem afflicted other situations, such as exporting to Apple TV and using images in third party apps.

Well, today I synched some more photos to my iPod, after not having done so for a while, and when I checked on them I was surprised to find that they had all been transferred in the correct order (nearly 2,000) of them. What's more, I was even more surprised (and very pleased) to find that the ordering of the photo albums that were on my iPod previously had magically corrected themselves!

So basically, with no word from Apple about this, the problem appears to have been fixed. What I'd like to know, though, is what update actually fixed it. It's a while since I upgraded my OS (I'm still on 10.4.8, and am waiting for Leopard to upgrade). I can't remember at what stage I upgraded from Aperture 1.5.3 to 1.5.4, but I thought I'd checked the ordering problem after that and found it unchanged.

I suspect that the change that has fixed it is either the recent iLife 08 support update, or perhaps one of a couple of Pro Application Support updates that Apple seemed to issue at a similar time.

It's not a big thing, obviously (I'm just pleased that the problem's fixed), but I'd be interested to know what it was that actually put it right.

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