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I'm using a new network drive that limits use of special characters in filenames. As a result, I need to change the names of some of my iPhoto pix that use special characters such as apostrophes and question marks.

I've made good use of the Title field in my photo labelling, and had thought that this had caused my filenames to inherit these Titles. So I had tried changing the Titles again, to effect changes in the filenames, to remove the special characters. However, that's not working; and I've been reading postings about filenames, now undestanding that this does not work this way. So I must have caused the fielnames to change during some exporting and importing, although I cannot recall doing that.

I actually have changed a lot of the Titles to contain the exact text I would like in the fielnames. But it seems like a radical approach to export all of my photos, simply so they can inherit the Titles, and then import tham back in, and have to make all of the Album adjustments. Does anyone have a suggestion of a better way to do this? I suspect it would be risky to edit the filenames within the Data files of the iPhoto folder, and suspect this might cause some "disconnection" between the photo files and the "structure" that iPhoto uses to organize them into its views as Libraries.

Appreciate any suggestions.

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    Use the instructions in this article to move the iPhoto library to a disk image which doesn't have any special characters in its name, and place the disk image on the network drive. None of the pictures will need to have their name changed if this is done, as the disk image uses a different filesystem than the network drive.

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    Thanks for the idea! I'm just working on it right now; it's taking a bit of time to organize a few years of iPhoto Libraries (still using iPhoto 6), with my source hard drive close to full ... (thus the network drive I'm "implementing").

    I ran into an interesting situation in creating the Disk Image according to the iPhoto article's recommendation to create using "sparse image". It created two volume references: one with the white icon entitled: xxx Disk Image, and the other with the more physical-looking disk icon, entitled: xxx Disk Image.sparseimage.

    I dragged my first iPhoto Library to the white icon, and it copied the library into it. But when I dragged that to the new network drive, it only created an alias there. So instead I dragged the second icon, and it seems to be copying a large file about the size of the Library. Question is: do I need both icons copied to the network dirve? Whiceh really holds the data?

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    Question is: do I need both icons copied to the network dirve? Whiceh really holds the data?

    You need to copy the .sparseimage file. The white icon is the accessible interface to it.