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Friend of mine has an intel iMac, I have an iMac PPC-G5. He told me that it's better to ALWAYS leave the computer on. Instead of doing a complete shutdown, one should log out and select sleep. The computer will last longer. Anyone got any thoughts or inside information where I can find out if this is good advice or not? Thank you. Standing by.

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    Hi there,

    That is the second oldest question...

    <FWIW> I use the "leave on" method, this allows some maintenance scripts to work: http://www.thexlab.com/faqs/maintscripts.html . I do shut down my Mac once every week or 2 to make sure all is well...

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    There are two schools of thought on this, and neither has been proven right. I let my computer stay on all the time, I sleep the screen, spin down the HD, but never sleep or shut down unless i have installed an app that requires it. Others will assert that shutting down preserves the HD. No one has ever come up with a definitive answer, so I suggest you do what feels right for you. One does save electricity by shutting down, and I feel guilty abut not doing that, but on the other hand, my computer is always at the ready and the negligible amount of wattage saved it just that; negligible.

    Hope this helps, although I couldn't give you a yes or no answer,

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    Read the manual that came w/your iMac. The recommendations regarding sleep & powering off are in there.
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    Thank you all for your thoughts.
    @Rick: Nifty. I'm going to try your suggestion with "MainMenu". Thank you for the link.
    @Miriam: I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea. But life is all about pushing the envelope. But before I do, I've got some more reading to do--The Manual.
    @Baby Boomer: Doh! What didn't I think of that. Even though my manual is in Japanese, I bought my MAC in Japan, I know the English manual can be downloaded from Apple support, where I'm going right after I send off this email.

    Again, thank you all. I imagine you are all going to upgrade to Leopard. I hope it goes smooth for you. Appreciate your suggestion.
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    I guess I completely disagree with leaving a computer on 24/7 unless it's used as a server as part of a network. I just can't see the sense in leaving a computer turned on when not in use for several hours. I don't leave the TV on, the radio on, or the car running when I'm not using them. If I don't plan to use my computer for several hours (six or more), I shut it down. Doesn't matter how much energy it uses.

    During my career at a large semi-conductor company, we all shut our computers off at the end of the day. They lasted for years. The idea of it being hard on the hard drive and electronics to shut it down and then back on is a myth in my estimation. As a matter of fact, it think it does the electrolitic capacitors good to exercise.

    My method is to set the "energy saver" to shut the display off when not in use over ten minutes, and shut the computer down at the end of the day. I run scripts manually once per week and repair permissions on the same schedule.

    Just an opinion;no proof one way or another...virg
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    sleep much better than shut down nightly.