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I have one of the first G3s running OS X.3. It has an airport card in it that works great but it's a 802.11b. I'm trying to find out what kind of wireless 802.11G adapter(s) I can use with my iBook.

iBook G3, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    Hi, and welcome to Apple Discussions.

    You are never going to get g speeds out of your iBook. If you are talking about internet access, 802.11b is likely as speedy as you will get unless your internet connection is above 5 megs. 802.11g is only superior when your ISP's speed tops that. 802.11g is also superior on your private WLAN. Other than that, 802.11b is fine.

    From Wikipedia:


    +Due to the CSMA/CA protocol overhead, in practice the maximum 802.11b throughput that an application can achieve is about 5.9 Mbit/s using TCP and 7.1 Mbit/s using UDP.+

    This is usually sufficient for internet access purposes. In fact, with my 5 MB connection, I don't notice a lot of difference between the iBook G3 800 MHz with its original AirPort (802.11b) card and the iBook G4 1.2 GHz with its AirPort Extreme (802.11g) card.

    A Linksys comparison chart:
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    Is this component what you're looking for?

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    My router allows up to 54Mbps but the 802.11b only allows up to 11Mbps. The piece there was a link to seems about right. But are there any that will work from some of the more reputable companies?
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    The point was that if you're looking for faster internet, 802.11g won't get it for you unless your internet connection is faster than the 11 MB provided by 802.11b. (It doesn't matter that the router is capable of 54 mbps if your internet connection isn't that fast.)

    Now, if you're wanting faster transfer between two computers over a local WLAN, then, yes, the device to which Niel has linked will provide it.