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frizzymane Level 1 (0 points)
I am using a non apple wired keyboard, when the computer goes to sleep and is awakened, it does not recognize the keyboard. I have to shutdown then power up the unit to find the keyboard. Any ideas and will an apple keyboard fix this problem?

mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • Douglas McLaughlin Level 9 (63,745 points)
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    What kind of keyboard do you have? Maybe someone else with the same model can share their experience?

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    I posted this question, had problems with two keyboards, both USB and non Mac. Tried a USB Mac board and the system has been working fine since then. I guess you just have to use a Mac board.
  • Douglas McLaughlin Level 9 (63,745 points)
    You shouldn't HAVE to use an Apple keyboard. But, depending on the third party manufacturer, there may be some incompatibilities. At my work, we have about 50 people using KVM switches between various Macs (G4, G5 and Intel) and all sorts of PCs and PC keyboards (HP, Dell and other non-PC manufacturers). I can't remember any specific trouble like that for them. That's why I was wondering which model it was. It would be helpful for people who come here searching for similar problems to know exactly which model you had.

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    I'm having the same problem. I'm using a generic wired ANSI keyboard (Best Buy's Dynex brand) and it works fine except that it goes completely dead every time the computer goes to sleep. Briefly unplugging the USB cable immediately gets it working again, so at least I don't have to reboot the computer. But the recurring problem is getting annoying and eventually I will have worn out one of the USB ports on the mini.
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    This question would also apply to the original poster, but did your keyboard come with any software? Some third-party keyboards (ie. Logitech) do have installers for the Mac OS, and while the keyboard performs fine under normal circumstances, you have to install the software to get the full benefit of the keyboard's features.

    Andrew Penner
  • George F Level 1 (0 points)
    No, the Dynex DX-WKBD does not come with any software.

    My first guess as to what's happening is that when the computer enters the power-conserving sleep mode, it sends a signal to the processor in the keyboard to turn off as well. But when the computer wakes up and sends a signal to the keyboard to wake up, that signal is not understood and the keyboard remains asleep.

    However, I then realized that pressing any key is one of the ways to wake up the computer, which wouldn't work if the keyboard was getting shut down.