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I am trying to sync a playlist only (smart playlist to fill the iPod) and not all the songs are going across. I have a 30G Video iPod, the smart playlist on the MBP shows 3703 items in it (around 29G) yet the iPod shows 3594 songs. The playlist is limited to 29G so that all of the songs will fit. I am not getting any errors during the sync. All the songs in the list are checked. The sync is for that playlist only, not a sync all.
iTunes version 7.42
iPod 1.2.1 (macintosh formatted)

Dual 1.25 G4, MBP, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    Unfortunately, not all of the songs on a 29 gig playlist will actually fit on a 30 gig iPod. The actual capacity of a 30 gig iPod due to how manufacturers calculate drive capacity is only going to be about 27 gigs. Your playlist is too big. This calculation affects all drives. For example, my 60 gig iPod only has about 55 gigs of usable space, my Mac's drive is 250, but usable space is approx. 225 gigs.
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    Understood, fortmatting etc. However I am not running out of room (there is actually 4G left). If I change some of the parameters in the smart playlist or increase it to 35G I can get more to move over. It is just that not all of the songs in the playlist are moving over, not capacity. Hope that makes sense.

    Also in the meantime I went ahead and did a restore on the device to make sure it was not something simple as that. I also checked to insure that all the songs were checked just in case there was a logic issue.

    I see no reason why all of the songs are not moving over. Within limit of the disk.... really strange.