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  • Allude Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)
    YOu HD may have file directory damage. Try running disk utility and see if it can repair the drive.
  • William Donelson Level 4 Level 4 (2,495 points)
    I and others had this same problem when beta testing something (not Leopard) for Apple a few months ago. Apple blamed us, wrongly. When I complained, they threw me out of the beta test program. Typical Apple.

    I re-booted from the DVD-ROM and then installed the system AGAIN. The OS then worked again.

    Good luck.
  • Stanleyk Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    This thread was extremely helpful to me. Sadly, no one at my local Apple store was up to speed on any problems as of Monday early afternoon. I directed them to this specific thread and several employees were reading it as I left the store. My copy appeared late this afternoon and (after waffling for a few minutes) went the upgrade route. The install was perfect--no problems. I was WELL prepared for problems thanks to all here who posted. After an hour or so I'm really pretty happy but let's give it a couple days. My Time Machine backup will be starting in a few minutes, so I'll see how that goes!!
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    I am experiencing the same issue on a Mac Mini 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo with a clean install of Mac OS X 10.5. I was able to do the keychain update and ran the machine for a day or two. I rebooted this evening to pull data from the clone of my old 10.4.10 system. I don't think I had rebooted since the install but maybe wrong. I plan on doing some Single User Mode things mentioned below. If no solution I suppose I will need to re-install.
  • Dennis Lloyd Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)
    No problems here. I've installed on 3 machines, one of which I am currently producing a 100+ page book in InDesign and creating graphics in Photoshop/Illustrator without any issues. I used Archive and Install method on all 3 machines. I haven't had one single machine or app crash. Rock on Leopard!

    G4 Powerbook
    Macbook Pro
    Mac Pro
  • R C-R Level 6 Level 6 (16,690 points)
    Allude wrote:
    YOu HD may have file directory damage. Try running disk utility and see if it can repair the drive.

    Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with Disk Utility on the Leopard installer disk as well.

    After several failed attempts at using the Upgrade option on a Firewire-connected partition (cloned from my internal drive's Tiger installation & working perfectly before the attempt), I tried an Archive & Install on a fresh working clone. That also failed with a long error log so I tried to go back to the installer disk's Disk Utility to check the partition. It passes Disk Verification but when I eventually tried to erase the partition, it says the disk is in use (& the external's activity light remains on).

    All attempts to use the installer disk's Disk Utility end in a hung drive -- every time I exit the utility, the drive's indicators show continuous access & I cannot regain control of the Mac without shutting down the drive. I would suspect the drive but it is a quality one with Oxford 911 chipset, properly formatted w/ an Apple Partition Map, works perfectly with Tiger on several Macs, & shows no problems with that OS's Disk Utility application.

    I've fought this thing for 8 hours or so, sometimes getting as far as logging in but never getting a menu bar or (I think) Finder to start up, so I'm going to try an Erase & Install after erasing the partition from Tiger's D.U. -- tomorrow. For now, I'm just happy booting from the internal 10.4.10 drive works & all my data is safe.
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    Mac Book pro upgrade went fine
    Mac Pro fresh install fine
    24inch Imac upgrade went fine.
    15 Powerbook no no no the %$@%# think wont work

    so that being said

    the os could be great ... it has to do with quality control, and dev. I invision the apple labs looking like this.

    5000 people in the development lab (people coming up with ideas and programming)
    50 people in the QA lab (people testing the code from the developers and fixing)
    20000 in the production release lab. (people sitting in meetings saying "yepp steve it ready"

    it kind of reminds me of the movie brain candy...
    tagline "leopard makes it feel like it is 75 degrees in your head all the time" if you can get it installed....
  • R C-R Level 6 Level 6 (16,690 points)
    FWIW, I did get Leopard to install on the partition once I erased it & have had no problems since then. My conclusion is I had some bit of software that was either incompatible with 10.5 or corrupted, or that there was some subtle problem in the file system for that partition.

    As a bonus of sorts for all my hassles, Leopard runs faster from this partition than Tiger ever did. I don't know why, but I don't care anymore.

    Regarding what it is like at Apple, even with 10,000 people in Q&A they couldn't test all possible combinations of hardware & software -- third party developers are updating & upgrading their stuff at the same time Apple is, so there is never one point in time when that task could be finished. Plus, electronics component tolerances drift with age & environment, so even if they had people working with each model, it still wouldn't guarantee all the possibilities had been covered.
  • pat.boulard1 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    same problem with leopard
    i changed my wireless mouse and wireless keyboard for usb mouse and keyboard
    and the installation is good now
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    Okay, so I had this blue screen problem and nothing here was working. I looked up the path to the Application Enhancer Preference Pane on my other computer, and I found that it slightly varied from the one said here and other places.

    I was told this:

    +3. Remove the following files:+
    +rm -rf /Library/Preference Panes/Application Enhancer.prefpane+

    what worked was this:

    Remove the following files:
    rm -rf /Library/Preference Panes/Application Enhancer.prefPane

    *notice the capital "P" in ".prefPane"
  • HazyJMac Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I was having the same trouble on my pops powerbook G4. As soon as I installed it I began to worry about those haxies. Just wanted to add my experience to the pile. I attempted to remove the files mentioned above in Safe User mode with no luck. I wound up booting the problem mac in to Firewire Disk mode (hold down "T" at startup) and digging around for more offending files. My work in Safe mode did get rid of the files specified, but I had some more unsanity goodness tucked away in there. I think they were a result of installing metallphizer..or demetalphizer.. Anyway.. if the above method gives you no love, try digging around via Firewire disk mode in the same directories listed above, also look in the user directories of the same ~/Library/Preferences..etc. I found some more .ape related files. They're easy to spot, but if anyone needs me to be more specific, let me know and I'll try to retrace my steps. I wish you all luck. I hate that blue screen feeling.
  • cgrayson Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Chalk me up as another very unhappy Leopard upgrader, sitting here with a dead laptop that won't boot. Even though the installer gave me the big green "Success!" checkmark.

    This is an Intel dual-core MacBook Pro, no APEs or any Unsanity stuff. No computer at all right now, thank you very much.

    Guess I'll have to Archive & Install. Oh wait, first I have to use Terminal from the installer to go clear off enough disk space.

  • simon critchley Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    Add me to the merry camp of people that owe Chris Mcculloh a beer. Worked for me after T booting problem computer and removing files manually. ( Terminal didn't work for me for some reason).
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    When My Power Book 15in went to a blue screen I just closed the screen and put it to sleep. When I woke it back up the blue screen went away. I restarted and I never had any more problems.
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    i spent 2 hours with apple last friday nite/sat morning.....the answer to the blue screen is to power down/restart from the installation disk(hold down "C" during restart/reinstall using the "ARCHIVE & INSTALL" option and everything should be fine (it worked for me).....then check for software updates and install the keychain fix.....
    best of luck...