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S v K Level 1 (35 points)
Hi all,

I will be the fool
installing LEO on my home studio, will leave work-studio system untouched....

Itunes playing over Hammerfall RME pci cards
Apple Remote Desktop sees other computers
MOL is working (midi over LAN by music-lab)
CME keytboard midi driver is working

NI Pro 53 standAlone is working
Kontakt 2 standalone is working
Arturia MiniMoog StandAlone working
Arturia CS-80V StandAlone working
NI Guitar Rig StandAlone is working
NI Reaktor 5 StandAlone is working
NI Akoustik StandAlone is working
NI Absynth 2 & 3 StandAlone is working
Vienna Instruments StandAlone (latest version PPC / Intel 1.12) is working

Syncrosoft LCC recognises the licenses on key's working
Plogue Bidule Host is working

UAD card plugs are working

Launched my Big Logic 8 template......all 4 slave computers are triggering over MOL....and piping back into main computer over adat-pipes on RME....everything is perfect.....

HOWEVER.......very important!

as you know WAVES don't work yet

remove your wave-shell from your AU component folder and disconnect your PACE WAVES dongle..(even after Logic AU scan fails them)

otherwise Logic session will NOT launch....

Hope this helps

My LEO computer is a Dual 2Ghz G5 with 4 gig RAM.
(the install procedure I chose was "Upgrade" (that's read correctly;-)
ps: The plug-in versions of all the standalones listed above are also working.....



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G5 dual 2, IPhone 4gig, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • xs4is Level 4 (2,800 points)
    Hi SvK (Steven?)

    I hear tale that with Leopard, Logic can access more than 4 gigs of RAM. I'm not referring to the "work-around" that has been used for the EXS up until now...I'm referring to 64 bit memory addressing.

    I'm sure that would help you in the giant Logic rig you have running.

  • Grassrootking Level 1 (30 points)

    Is the performance of L8 better, worse, or same on Leopard ?

    I'm most interested in the graphics speed since some users, myself included, complained about the graphic sluggishness of L8 on G5 machines using Tiger.


  • S v K Level 1 (35 points)

    yes...I heard that 2. But I believe this only applies to EXS24....I use Kontakt2 and am not sure this applies to a 3d party plug. Vienna Instruments release their OSX Leopard 64bit version, which has no RAM limit in the next week....However I do not know about K3 (heard it is buggy)


  • xs4is Level 4 (2,800 points)

    If Logic is addressing 64 bit memory now, you can load multiple samplers going way beyond 4 gigs in total even if each individual sampler is hampered by the 32 bit 4 gig limit.


    Everything OK with you and yours in SD?

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  • S v K Level 1 (35 points)

    thanx for asking....all of mt peeps are safe from the fires....

    LOGIC8 graphics performance seems very marginally better......

  • S v K Level 1 (35 points)
    X......from what I understand Logic is not 64bit...only the EXS24 part of it is.

  • heavypop Level 1 (0 points)
    S v K, I have almost exactly the same setup as you. Both Studio and Laptop computers. On top of that we use about the same list of plugs. I did the FOOL thing myself and installed it on my laptop. Logic8, Logic7express and GB won't start. They all freezes or crashes. after the LEO installation. What's wrong?

    I'm happy for you thou...
  • Rohan Stevenson1 Level 4 (3,175 points)
    actually SvK, exs24 is still 32bit, but each exs instance can access its own 4 Gb space. it doesn't share the 4Gb space as it used to. it means the theoretical limit for RAM addressing for the exs is 256 x 4Gb, which roughly equates to plenty.

    my understanding is that most of logics processes are 32bit and is compiled as 32bit program. X, i read your post on this, but i am fairly certain that your source is incorrect. the technique which the exs uses, which apparantly is open source, and by that i guess it is in the developer literature, can be used by any plug-in in logic....but let's not get in to all of that again...

    incidentally SvK, apparantly screen set changes are slower. is that the case?
  • Rand Wetherwax Level 1 (135 points)
    there's talk all over the net about hd/lib/apSupport/'REWIRE' being a major crasher and so try taking it out... though then no stupid fakey ReWire till they (prop?) fixes it.
  • daveporter Level 1 (20 points)
    Some folks have reported better results, but that is not the case here. I had hoped that the opposite would occur based on what I had heard about the new underpinnings of the operating system and how it would be far better at using multiple cores than the 10.4.10 was.

    My Mac Pro is outfitted as follows:

    Mac Pro 2.66 GHz Quad Core Xeon, 8 GB RAM, 4-750 GB 3Gbs Hard Disks, 30" Apple Cinema Display, MOTU UltraLite, UAD-1e, BCF2000, Cubase 4.1, Logic Pro 8, OSX 10.4.10.

    On my Mac Pro I'm noticing a significant increase in CPU demands on existing projects. I have a torture test that I use to evaluate changes to my system. It consists of 24 stereo tracks of ripped CD music (16 bit, 44.1 KHz) where I add multiple PlatinumVerbs one after another on each track (one on each track, then one more on each track, etc.) until I get audio dropouts. I have the core audio buffers set to 64 samples and the process buffer set to small.

    On 10.4.10 I was able to insert 240 of them (10 per track) before the audio dropouts started which was amazing. With Leopard I had to cut this down to 144 (6 per track) and I still got an occasional audio drop out. This is not a good sign, especially since I had hoped for more performance and not less with Leopard.

    As you know, many things can be the cause here and it may not directly be a problem with Leopard. It may just be that the drivers for my MOTU UltraLite are not as efficient when operated in Leopard as they were in 10.4.10. Perhaps when more folks begin reporting their experience with this a pattern will emerge to explain what is going on.

    I also ran a GeekBench benchmark trial just before upgrading and again after the upgrade was complete and found that before my overall score was 4891 and after it was 4868. Overall this is not much of a drop, however, in some critical areas, like floating point score, there was a significant drop (from 7613 to 7488) which would explain my Logic CPU demand experience above. The memory score also fell quite a lot (2180 to 2090) which would also have a potential effect with very demanding audio programs.

    There you have it. If anyone else can run similar tests on similar hardware I would love to see the results.

    Have a great weekend everyone,


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  • Gulzt Level 1 (5 points)
    Guess what, it DOESN"T WORK!! When I load over 4GB into Logic 8 it crashes immediatly! Good job Apple, I was very dependend on this to work!
  • Rohan Stevenson1 Level 4 (3,175 points)
    it does work: you need to have virtual memory enabled in your exs preferences.

    open your exs interface: go to options/virtual memory.

    if you do a search of the forum you will; find people who have been making this work.
  • Rohan Stevenson1 Level 4 (3,175 points)
    Gulzt wrote:
    Guess what, it DOESN"T WORK!! When I load over 4GB into Logic 8 it crashes immediatly! Good job Apple, I was very dependend on this to work!

    and another thing: there are a few of us here who get a little irritated when people jump up and down saying things don't work or blaming apple when it is just pilot error. your post should read something like: 'whenever i try to go past 4GB logic crashes. what am i doing wrong?'. then you would get an answer and no one need get hot under the collar about apple.

    i will be the first to hang on apple or logic if something is genuinely not right, but those genuine complaints get lost with baying of users blaming apple for something they haven't figured out how to make work. so check first if something is really not working - it might just be something you have missed, or somthing not right on your system - like your keyboard plugged into the power socket or something...
  • Mike Connelly Level 4 (1,785 points)
    Logic definitely doesn't load more than 4 gigs of samples with third party plugins, the app doesn't look like it's 64 bit.

    So far, screen redraws may be a little better, but it looks like CPU use is worse than with 10.4, in some cases dramatically so. Some apps seem to have better performance on Leopard, but L7 and L8 both seem to perform consistently worse. I sure hope Apple has an update ASAP, this is not good news for Logic users at this point.

    I'll probably post some specific benchmarks on Monday, results seem consistent with what Dave posted.
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