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I listen to audiobooks on my iPod as I fall asleep. The older models were very simple to set to sleep timer, but I'm having much more trouble with the touch model. I can go into clock, timers, and I see the button for "when timer ends." I click on it and press "sleep iPod" but it always reverts to "Time Passing" (what does that mean, anyway?!?!?!) and it doesn't "stick" to the sleep iPod setting - - which means not only does my audiobook continue to play, the iPod stays on 'till the battery dies and in the morning I don't have a full charge for my commute

Anyone know how to make it "stick" to 'sleep iPod' or *** "Time Passing" even means here???

thanks for any help!

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Try resetting your iPod in the Settings>General Reset>Reset All Settings. I've found out that the external speaker alarms go mute as soon as you attach the sync cord as well as settings as you mentioned, don't 'take' when selected. If this doesn't work you will need to reset your ipod completely.

    'Time passing' is one of a few alarm sounds. You won't be able to hear it unless you have the headphones attached, untill you reset again.

    Unfortunately your problem may reappear once you attach the sync cord again until Apple fixes this bug.