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I just recieved a brand new IPOD my wife bought me while on a trip to China. I cant seem to find a manual or any instructions for it. It says on the front MP4/WMA/REC/AMV I have figured out how to make the AM/FM radio work but I cant seem to get it to sync with I Tunes. This is my first IPOD and I just dont get it. This thing does not have a click wheel like I see on the website. It does not have any cable to commect either, it connects by a plug just like the one on my motorola cell phone which then connects to an adaptor that has a USB plug which can also be plugged into a wall outlet. Box says it is a IPOD nano 8GB. If anyone can help thanks.

Dell Dimension, Windows XP
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    I the nano ipod does not have a radio of any kind. You can purchase a 3rd party radio tuner for it but there is no radio buit in. I said the it says MP4/WMA/REC/AMV on the front is this on the screen or the body of your "nano". But I really think what you really have is knock-off the real ipod nano. It would be helpful if you provide a link to a picture of it so that it could be verified but I really don't think it's an Apple nano.
    Hope this helps.
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    The letters MP4/WMA/REC/AMV are printed on the bottom of the screen. On the top is the IPOD logo and signature apple. On the back of the red metal case it also has the same IPOD logo and the letters TIP3//TIP4 under the logo. When you turn the device on the apple comes on then the letter IPOD in different colors. If this is a fake it is a good one. Thanks for any help.
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    The metal back of ALL iPod nanos are silver, not colored metal. All iPod Nanos have a DOCK connector on the bottom, not a USB type connector. Sounds like you got a knock off (fake).

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    2nd gen nanos do not have a silver backing the 1st and 3rd gen nanos do.
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    Oh ya, this is the second gen group. When I read the original post, I just assumed the OP was talking about a 3rd generation iPod. In any case, ALL Nanos use the Dock connector (right?) and I have seen photos of those second generation Chinese knockoffs that have a USB connector on the bottom instead. So no dock connector, then its a fake.

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    was just wondering if you figured this out. I also received an ipod recently from a family member who went to China. My mother got one also and had someone else that she knows download some songs for her and it works fine. I'm sure they are both knockoffs (sound similar to the description you gave). I was aware that they would be but after my Mother got one and it worked fine for her I figured it was worth the $40 buck since I can't really afford a real one. Were you able to get yours to work? Mine isn't recognized by my computer or itunes. I've read all kinds of posts saying when you launch itunes and connect ipod it should show up in sourcelist. I can't even find source list in Itunes.

    Do these fakes not even work at all????