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I have been working on putting new things on my new iPod. iTunes froze up a while ago, but my iPod said "ejecting," so I disconnected it. However, there is now nothing on my iPod. I did NOT hit "Restore Settings" in iTunes, so that shouldn't be the case. Why did this happen???? I have to reload so much that I am really ticked off.

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  • Opaldad Level 1 (75 points)
    I wish I had an answer for you but on Friday, I had something similar happen after 2 weeks of using my iPod. I plugged it in and it said the iPod could not be recognized.

    When I looked at the iPod itself it showed no music, no videos, nada. But both the About box on the iPod itself and the iPod panel in iTunes showed 83 GBytes of other stuff on the iPod.

    Given that I have only synced albums, videos, and podcasts to that iPod and given that the amount of space I have now after restoring is exactly what I had before I don't have a clue what happened.

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  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)
    Restore the iPod.

    I have to reload so much that I am really ticked off.
    Plugging it in & letting it update doesn't take too much effort.
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    This happened to me once. This taught me that before disconnecting the iPod, it should be completely ejected. If it does not eject, you must make sure the disk is not active by putting the iPod to your ear and ensuring there are no disk noises associated reading/writing. If you disconnect the iPod during disk writes, you will corrupt it and will be forced to restore it.
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    well, this just happened to me twice in the same week. I was trying to upload some files on my Ipod, but it woun't let me upload them for some strange reason, so Itunes crashed and when it did, my ipod reset and it indicated that there where no songs, earlier in the week, same thing happend, I just stoped it during syncing and formated the Ipod, so I was on another discussion and someone told me just to let it sync, and I did, and it did the same thing. I swere, now im stuck with a 450 dollar Mp3 player that im afrade to put stuff in now.