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Just got a new car - it has an auxiliary input. I noticed I can purchase two different connectors for my ipod - 1) cord with 3.5 mm connector on both ends 2) cord with 3.5 mm connector on one end, ipod dock connector on the other end.

Which one is better for listening to the ipod?

Thanks, Jessica

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    I'd probably say the one with the dock connector because it's most likely integrated into the car stereo, meaning it should keep you ipod charged as well as allow you to go through your songs on the head unit of the car. With the 3.5mm connector your car won't keep it charged and yu'll have to use the actual ipod to browse through songs.
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    Depends on the capabilities of the car stereo. If the input is designed for iPod then use the cord with dock connector. As mentioned above this will keep iPod charged also. If stereo aux input is designed for generic music player input then your best option is plain cable so you save money on the cable.