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Hi I have an intel core duo 17" iMac. I had no problems with it for the year or so I've had it, but one day I came home and tried to wake it from sleep mode and it wouldn't respond so I manually powered it off. After rebooting up, Mac OS X just displays distortion lines and jumbled graphics - and eventually the whole screen just freezes. I've tried reinstalling OS X, which had no effect. This ALSO happens when I go into my bootcamp install of windows. So this can't be an OS software related thing I suppose.

HOWEVER, the screen is perfectly fine when I boot into the mac install cd or a livecd, which leads me to believe that this problem occurs when video acceleration is active.

I took a picture of what the screen looks like, sorry for the bad quality:


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iMac 17" Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.4.10)